Monday, 13 July 2009

I’ve been having another one of my clearouts. Quite a serious one by all accounts. I love getting rid of stuff, unfortunately I also seem to love accumulating it. I’m really hoping that I am managing to change my way of thinking and will stop buying so much stuff. A lot of things I buy because I like them. I don’t think about where it will go, if I really need it or if it will really get used. I like it so I buy it. It’s stupid and I’m really hoping I can break the habit. I quite like the feeling of seeing something that I like and want to buy and not buying it, stepping away from it. Rather tellingly I can’t remember what I have done that with. Just goes to show how much I really wanted it doesn’t it???

I’m also one of those people who can’t choose between things. If I see several things I like rather than choosing one I’ll go for all of them. Which fabric design shall I buy? All of them. Which of the three shades of lipstick? All of them. Again, it’s got to stop.

I’m hoping to clear a lot more stuff out of the house over the summer. Hopefully as stuff goes I will enjoy the space it’s creating and want to rehome more. Already I have started getting rid of the storage I’ve had to buy for all this stuff and the feeling of space it’s creating is lovely.

I’m crocheting a blanket at the moment and I know I need four more balls of wool for it. Normally I would just buy them, but instead I had the bright idea of asking on ravelry if anyone had the shade I needed and if they’d be willing to swap for some other wool I have. Lo and behold, yes there was someone happy to do that so my 4 balls of shade 159 are currently on their way to Australia and hopefully my 102 are on their way over here - it’s cheaper to send them to Australia than to buy more.

I have finished the changing bag. I’m really pleased with it. I did have to undo a few bits because they weren’t quite right and I knew it would annoy me too much not to go back and do them properly. I added a magnetic snap onto it to keep it closed as well. My only complaint about the pattern is that if you put the bottle pockets in where it says to put them you’re sewing them onto four of the main pockets in such a way that they are useless, so I didn’t put mine in. I did sew them together though to make another little bag to go inside it.

I haven’t made the changing pad/bag yet. I’ve cut them out and am using BKT and killington. I’d forgotten how much I love both fabrics, cutting them out took me back to my nappy sewing days. I’m very tempted to make a bed set out of the killington for the winter because it would be soooo lovely and cosy. Or maybe I’ll just make myself some Pjs.

We’re now into our final week of school for this academic year. I am really looking forward to Friday. It will be so nice to be able to put away the uniforms and lunch boxes for 6 weeks and just relax.

In other news, Barney is sleeping through the night!! He goes from about 8pm to 7am and it is lovely. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I am still sitting with him in the evenings as the baby monitor doesn’t work, although Beth sometimes sits with him instead.

A busy week ahead for us. Hope yours is a good one!


Amelie said...

love tha changing bag, whats the pattern?
have to say i'd give my rigt arm to shop like you do LOL

Pippa said...

The bag looks lovely, Lucy!! We'll have to give it a test run to Starbucks on day!!

De-cluttering is a good thing, I'm a terrible hoarder and yes, I'll own up to having bought things in the past that I've not really used, especially craft stuff!