Friday, 19 February 2010

I’ve been slack again haven’t I? Sorry.

Since I last wrote we have had Ellie’s 12th birthday. She was most annoyed that she had to go to school but as it was the last day of term off she went.

I did my last shift at work on Sunday - it seemed quite strange (and sad) walking into work knowing it was the last time for that company. I’m going in for a couple of hours on the last day (not to work, just to be there) and then we’re all in on Monday to pack everything up ready for it to be taken away.

On Tuesday we’re back again for a day with the new company. I have no idea what we’ll be doing but they want us there 9 till 5, maybe it’s some sort of induction?

We’ve had a meeting with the new company and met our new manager. He seems like a nice bloke, and hopefully will be easy going and a good laugh and not too scary to work for. I feel more positive about the whole thing now anyway.

I’ve been at the gym all week as usual. Last week I did some running to start my training for Race for Life and my knee really hurt halfway through and was really painful the following day (the previous - and first - time I tried running I had the same problem). My PT advised me to go to The Lincolnshire Runner, a shop (for runners strangely enough!!) in Lincoln to get fitted for some proper running shoes as my trainers were not only old but also not supportive enough for exercise. The man in the shop diagnosed my problem very quickly and I soon walked out with a nice new pair of running shoes. If you’re after running shoes and want excellent service then I highly recommend them. They know what they are talking about and have shoes for all budgets. I will be going back when I need to replace this pair.

The difference has been immediate - I’ve run a few times since getting them and had no problems with my knee, plus running seems so much easier as well. So, I am really getting into the training. Worryingly I am getting quite addicted to it which is quite amazing for someone who up until now has hated running and was always the one who got a lift back with the teacher during cross country PE lessons (and was always last in races at school). I had planned to do a run two or three times a week but at the moment I am wanting to run every day.

I also decided to splash out on a new pair of trainers for aerobics and other non-running exercise (running shoes support your feet in a different way to non-running shoes) and got myself a pair of Reebok easy tone shoes - supposedly they help tone up your leg and bum muscles as you walk. They are definitely weird to walk in at first and I can’t drive in them, so we shall see. Mind you, they’re not something I would wear when I’m not going to the gym so I may not get the full benefit of them.

I am really taking this whole exercise thing seriously which I like, and people are seeing the difference in me which is also nice too - I’ve lost 2.5 stone since September and have another 1.5 stone to go, possibly a bit more or less depending on when I get back into my size 8’s.

I also have a new project to keep me busy for a few days anyway - I am going to tile and paint the kitchen. When we had the kitchen done over 6 years ago we didn’t get it tiled partly for financial reasons, but there are a few places that really need doing so I have finally chosen some tiles, got some paint and just need to get on with it.

I may post photos when I have finished - if I ever get it started!! Being a master procrastinator I have found other things to do instead, including getting on with finishing The Quilt. Except there was a tangle of thread underneath it when I had almost finished so it’s currently still sat in the sewing machine waiting for me to go back to it.

I plan to devote some of Sunday to it otherwise it will never get done (I started decorating the breakfast room a few years ago and never finished it and had to throw away the tin of gloss paint the other day as it had solidified).

Half term has flown by, we haven’t managed to do much all week. We did go to the new Pets at Home store that opened today - I think half of Boston was there as well as it took ages to get a parking space and then ages to get out again, we ended up popping into MacDonalds for an ice-cream (for the children, black coffee for me) while we waited for the traffic to clear up a bit.

Ellie is desperate for a Leopard Gecko or a Bearded Dragon - now, I have to say I do like these types of reptiles (my fave is an iguana) and being hairless I wouldn’t be allergic to them, but they are blooming expensive, and I just know that the novelty would soon wear off and it would all be down to me to look after them, or something awful would happen and they’d die.

Sophie was almost in tears begging us for a rabbit when she spotted one she fell in love with. Have I shared with you the story of the birthday rabbit we got for Ellie 4 years ago? No? Let’s just say, it was the gift that kept on giving, within weeks one rabbit became 6 and a few months later another load appeared. We will never ever be getting a rabbit again, they’re worse than me for having babies!!

Cut the boys hair as well today at long last - Amos really needs a haircut too as it’s getting really long but all I could bring myself to do was trim it a bit in front of his ears. Even just that tiny bit made him look grown up, I’m not touching the rest and certainly not his spike, it would be like cutting what’s-his-name’s hair (my mind has gone completely blank and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the bloke who lost his powers when his hair was cut, come on, remind me).

That’s my quick update for the week. Have a good weekend whatever you’re doing.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Today is Amos’s first birthday. I’m not going to say the usual about the time going so fast. You know it does.

I was at work most of the day so he had his presents when everyone was home from school and then his cake. Obviously he didn’t have a clue what was going on or why daddy had hidden a book and some toys in play silks (decided it would be easier for him to open and less hassle for us). When he opened the caterpillar Pjs Alfie shouted “they’re mine!!!!!!!!!!!” and took them away to put in his drawer. I have warned everyone he is not to eat anything while wearing them to try and keep them nice for as long as possible.


And now....

I had to go to my spinning class at 5 so we did the birthday cake before I went out - again he didn’t have a clue that all the singing was for him, but he did enjoy the cake.

My night out on Monday was good - I had checked out the menu in advance to decide what to have but of course once I was there my good intentions went out of the window and we ended up sharing a starter between us, I had chips with my main course and then shared a big dessert. It was really really nice though!!

Yesterday I started work at 7.30am which wasn’t too bad but the tiredness soon kicked in again and I ended up taking advantage of the coffee on tap to keep me awake. Went to the gym in the evening and did spinning, abs and then a few weights.

Monday, 8 February 2010

As it’s Amos’s birthday on Wednesday and we have only got him a very cute Paul Frank Julius the monkey set with a bottle (shock horror!), dummy (double shock horror!!!!!), bib and something else that I can’t remember in it we decided to have a quick trip over to Peterborough to get him a Piggy Bank toy that I’d seen and though he might like from Toys R Us, then nipped into the Queensgate centre to spend my £10 John Lewis voucher on half a pair of Very Hungry Caterpillar Pjs for him (I had to pay for the other half as said Pjs were not cheap!!). Typically they didn’t have a small enough pair for him so we cunningly went for the 3-4 years size thinking that Alfie can wear them first and then we would get our money’s worth (we did consider buying the even bigger size so we could get three children’s worth of wear out of them but we just know that Jack wouldn’t be seen dead in them and anyway by the time Amos got them they’d be wrecked.)

If Alfie refuses to wear them then they will just have to go away for him - I don’t need a crystal ball to predict that in about 6 years time we will come across them during a big clear out and go “oh, no, we forgot to get these out for Amos when he was three” and put them away for a grandchild (only for our adult grandchildren to be clearing out the house after we have gone and wonder why on earth their grandparents had an unworn pair of Caterpillar Pjs stashed away in their house.)

So, he has a couple of nice things to open from us, hopefully I will remember to get him one of those “That’s not my ……” books too as he likes a couple of the ones we have.

I was going to go to the gym after we got home but I am soooo tired I decided not to go - really, can’t keep my eyes open tired. I’m being picked up for a works night out in less than two hours so a sleep is out of the question. It’s our leaving do so I should go really. Hopefully it will be a good night. And hopefully not too late as I am at work at 7.30 tomorrow morning (thank god the coffee is on tap!!)

The idea is that I can have a drink - I might have one but no more than that. I am not risking doing anything that has everyone saying “do you remember when Lucie ……. on that meal we went to???” for years to come.

I will make up for my slackness by going to the gym on Saturday instead (I was actually going to go first thing this morning and was all ready to go but then we decided on the Peterborough trip instead. Is this the first sign that my dedication may be waning???)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sorry I’ve been so slack at writing again. Some days I wonder if I should write about even the more boring mundane days of my life as well as the slightly more interesting stuff. Do you want to hear about the mundane stuff??

I have a busy week at work coming up. I’m doing 29 hours instead of my usual 12 because we’re getting more short staffed. Two people have left since New Year and one person is on holiday. I’m not complaining, the money will be nice. Next Sunday is my final shift there - I’m on holiday the following week and then we close.

I’m hoping to find something else soon, but there isn’t a lot out there, especially not for someone with as little experience as me - people go on about how being a mother is the most important job in the world yet it counts for absolutely zilch in the real world of employment, in fact, it counts against you when you’re trying to get back to work.

I’m really enjoying going to the gym five days a week. I’m doing lots of classes and having a session with a PT once a week too (not costing me anything so I’d be mad to decline). I am starting to actually feel a difference now - when I put my hands on my hips there is less to hold on to and I can feel my hip bones. I’ve also developed muscles in my arms which I’m very proud of - they’re still barely noticeable to most people but I can see them, lol

I’ve set myself a target for reaching my final goal - the end of April - so I am totally focussed on reaching it at the moment. I’m starting to make friends at the gym as well which is nice - it’s a bit depressing to go somewhere like that and see other people chatting away and not having anyone to even say hello to. But now I see at least one person to at least say hello to when I go. And there’s usually someone to chat to, or have a coffee with after a class. I also spotted one of the mums from school the other day too which was nice, especially as her daughter is friends with one of mine.

Amos is almost a year old already! He’s such a lovely little baby, and doing really well. He is still commando crawling everywhere but can get on his knees to reach higher up things. He’s just started pointing to what he wants or where he wants to go which is really cute.

He wasn’t well last week, his temps went up to over 104 a few times and he still has a cough lingering. I might take him to the doctors this week if he is still coughing as I’m a bit worried about it - he’ll have big coughing fits and it sounds quite wet IYSWIM? Amusingly, he has a spike of hair that goes flat when he’s not well and then perks up again when he’s feeling better.

I’m working all day on his birthday which is a shame but I’m sure he won’t care or notice. We’ll have a cake though and a little tea party. Then on Friday we’ll be having a tea party and cake all over again for Eleanor who is going to be 12.

I’m looking forward to having half term week at home with the children. I think we’re going to have to organise some day trips out somewhere and actually do something. We usually end up staying at home and doing nothing in the school holidays which must get boring for the children. I think there are quite a few places we could go that are free.

I’m also hoping to get the caterpillar quilt finished soon as well. I keep saying I’ll do it when the tidying is done, I will finish it soon though and then it’s not gathering dust on the back of my chair anymore, making me feel guilty!!!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, whatever you’ve been doing.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sorry I haven't written anything for ages. I've got loads to write, it's just finding the time to actually do it.

I'm going to the gym lots which is great and I'm really seeing and feeling the benefits now. I love it.

Until I get round to writing more, have you seen the fish at the bottom of the page? Scroll right down to see them and hover your mouse over them.