Sunday, 12 September 2010

A blog I love

I used to read lots of blogs but over time I've stopped reading many of them. This is one of my favourites though: I love the way he writes, he almost always makes me laugh (except when he is being serious), I would love to meet him for an evening of knitting. If I ever go back to Amsterdam I am definately going to find out which knitting group he goes to and go along. And if you're reading this Andy, I promise I'm not a crazy mad stalker!! :-)

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Sandi said...

Hi Lucie, I just found your blog and of course had to go look at Andy's, what a fun person he is. I read your post just under this one. I am also a single mum (divorced twice) and I can understand your feelings of pride when you have done something as 'simple' as organising house insurance. I too have had to do all that myself. I am still friends with my first ex. married 20 years and three children(drifted apart) Not so with second ex, he was a very nasty person, so I don't see him (no children to him) I wish you well on your new journey, it is/can be wonderful on your own as you are finding out.
Hugs Sandi x