Friday, 25 July 2008

Poor Millie's ear hasn't got better, if anything it's worse. The gunk is thick and smelly now. Yuck!! I rang the GP to see if I could get an appointment but they said they've got nothing. I'm not too worried as I'd rather take her to the out of hours service at the hospital because I'd have to take all of the children to the GP surgery so that's where we'll be going tonight when Craig gets home from work.

It's been an interesting week with Craig in the office. The children have all finished school for the summer now - hurray! I got the craft box out on Wednesday and there is a covering of glitter all over the house. The floors sparkle, we all sparkle, the cats sparkle (stupid things keep rolling in it!!) and even our food sparkles - I grated some cheese for dinner last night and it had glitter in it. I'll be trying to get rid of it for months, except I probably won't because secretly I quite like it!!

Yesterday I noticed one of the car tyres was flat and was worried about driving it (I had visions of it exploding while I drove - melodramatic? Moi??) Our next door neighbour is also our window cleaner and by a stroke of luck he came to do the windows. I asked him what he thought to the tyre and if it would be safe to go and pick DS1 up and he very kindly sorted it out for me. What a lovely bloke he is!! I know he won't be reading this but thank you soooo much, I am really grateful to you.

Today we've had a day of not doing very much at all - we've just enjoyed plates of fresh pineapple and melon. Yummy!

I love the school holidays - the chance to just chill out together is great!

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