Saturday, 30 August 2008

A bit of "excitement" for me

I can’t believe I forgot to mention last time that we had potatoes from the garden with our Sunday dinner last week - very exciting as that is the first time we’ve grown our own food! The apple and blackberry crumbles were very nice too. If the weather is dry tomorrow we may go and pick more.

I’ve had a cold for weeks and weeks now. Most of the time it’s just at a very low level, not doing much other than making me feel under the weather but then about once a week/every 10 days it flares up and leaves me feeling really ill for up to 48 hours. I did wonder if it was just because over the summer I’ve been able to relax and it’s coming out because of that, but I am sooo fed up with it now. I’ve also had a cough for over a month now. Mainly at night and it’s making sleeping difficult as I’m just coughing and coughing most of the night. I’m ok if I’m sitting up but as soon as I lie down there it goes again.

This morning I had another coughing fit and was finding it hard to breathe. It was like a tight band around my chest restricting my lungs and I felt quite ill with it. I had an episode like this a few weeks ago but it passed after a couple of hours. I considered going to A&E but had an appointment at the bank that I really needed to go to so decided to leave it until afterwards. By the time I got out of the bank my breathing was a little easier so felt it wasn’t necessary to go to the hospital. As I didn’t sleep last night I went to bed for a snooze this afternoon but only managed half an hour before I was coughing too much again and I could feel my breathing getting worse and worse. A quick look in my book made me think it’s just a chest infection from the cold - better go to my GP.

Soon I realised it wasn’t going to wait until Monday so off we went to A&E. I was put on oxygen and had my blood pressure and pulse checked. They were concerned my heart rate was so fast so put me on a nebuliser which was very weird - and then I had a massive coughing fit which was horrible as I had tears streaming down my face from coughing so hard and couldn’t reach my bag for a tissue.

Anyway, they have diagnosed asthma!! I’ve been given an inhaler and advised to see my GP for further testing which I will make an appointment for on Monday. I’m glad I know what is causing this and that I now have something to help me - I’m sat here wheezing again and starting to feel my chest tighten and am trying to decide whether to use the inhaler just yet or not. Part of me is worried about going to bed in case it sets it off badly again. Hopefully it’s just connected to the cold and once that clears up finally then so will the asthma symptoms.
So that was my excitement for the day.

Not a lot else has happened this week - I finally did the huge mountain of ironing that was piled up. Well, more a whole mountain range than single mountain! And I must admit that Craig did a fair bit of it too. It hasn’t built up again yet, purely because our washing machine broke down on the same day so we’re developing a mountain of washing waiting to be done…. Might have to take a trip to the laundrette before the man comes on Wednesday.

And they say things happen in threes - well, my shower stopped working this week too. I love my morning shower - jump in, get washed, jump out. Nice and quick and fuss free. I hate baths - too much hassle to run and then get in, sitting in the dirt you’ve just washed off yourself and then trying to wash my hair using a bowl as we don’t have a shower attachment. However, on the plus side it means we need to do something about the shower. Not as simple as it sounds mind you. The shower is leaking somewhere and has soaked the floor which is going very soft so will need replacing as well. And if we’re going to go to that trouble we may as well do the whole room as it really needs to be done…. So I am finally going to get my new en-suite and get rid of the horrible one that is here. It’s got to go on credit cards mind you which isn’t so good.

What was the third thing? Ummm, I can’t remember but there was one. But Craig fixed it.
We got the children’s shoes for school. Not as awful as we thought it would be. Couldn’t et Jack to have a pair - he is still traumatised by being fitted with a pair two sizes too small for him obviously so he’ll be getting more trainers. I hope we can find another pair of Thomas ones for him!!! And Beth is in adult shoes now so she’ll get some from the Next catalogue if I get round to putting in the order.

Just got to go through all the school uniforms to see what they need then go out and get it. And I must find an In The Night Garden backpack for Alfie who starts playschool on Thursday. If he likes it. He’s so little still that we’re having second thoughts. He’s only 2, still a baby, but in some ways I think he’s ready. If he likes it he can stay and if not we’ll be quite happy to take him out until next year.

Tomorrow’s job is to sort the uniforms and I will try and report back to say I’ve done it. Promise.

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