Sunday, 31 August 2008


As promised, my update. I did sort through all the children’s uniforms and made a list of what we need. Craig went into town to take some washing to the laundrette and got most of the things on the list. The rest we will get tomorrow as they are from shops that weren’t open today such as the school wear shop.

So that’s good! Of course I need to label it all now…. Hate that bit!

PE kits are all in their bags ready to go. Alfie has got his little bag for school which he loves as it’s got his favourite characters on it.

I had to use my inhaler last night and was amazed at the difference. I could actually breathe!! I did carry on coughing but at least I could breathe. I hadn’t realised just how poor my breathing had become until then, which is worrying. I even managed to get a good nights sleep which was great as I was quite nervous about going to bed. Woke up at 7 and needed to use the inhaler again, but managed to sleep until midday - bliss!!

Had to use the inhaler again this afternoon and had a couple of hours of free breathing which was nice but I can feel it closing in again. It’s hard to know when to use it, but I guess that will come with time and advice from the Doctor.

I was chatting to my cousin the other night on Facebook and he was telling me about an old family story - apparently our great great grandfather trained a racehorse that ran in the 1928 Grand National called Tipperary Tim. Tim was an old carthorse who had no chance - except the horse in front fell causing a big pile up. Tim just went round them all and was the only horse to finish the race. Now the story is true, and there is even footage of the race on You Tube, but the info I can find says that he was trained by Joseph Dodd, who so far hasn’t appeared in my family tree, but you never know! Whether it really is connected to my family or not it’s a pretty funny story.

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