Monday, 13 October 2008

Rant and rave

In my last post I mentioned hay fever and that I hoped I wouldn’t get it next year. Ha ha ha. Guess what? I have hay fever. I’ve had it for years. I have all the classic symptoms of it. But because my stupid/ignorant mother always told me I just had a cold I grew up believing that.

She didn’t spot the fact I was having classic allergy symptoms either. So again, I have grown up not realising that what I thought was just “normal” was something more serious. And because I have unwittingly carried on exposing myself to the things that I have been reacting to I have now developed asthma. I am swinging between being angry that I am now unnecessarily ill and feeling stupid that I didn’t realise that the sneezing, itchy watery eyes, itchy ears and throat, constant running nose etc etc wasn’t normal but were all signs of something wrong. And I’m angry that because I was totally unaware I spent most of the summer feeling ill and dosing myself up on Lemsip which was for no reason as it doesn’t do anything for hay fever.

Yet another reason to hate my parents!!!

Anyway, rant over for now.

A few weeks ago I was sent an appointment for an anomaly scan at the hospital which I intended to cancel but forgot to do. The appointment was today and we decided to go along and see if I got in before we had to leave to pick the children up from school - I’ve had to wait anything up to 3 hours to be seen there before so I wasn’t confident. But, shock, horror, I got in less than 10 minutes after my appointment time!!!!!!!!!!

So, we had another scan. All is still well, which we expected. Baby is fine, head measurement was what you’d expect but the tummy was a bit bigger, but she didn’t seem to think it was a problem. She confirmed what we already know regarding the sex.

She asked if we wanted photos so I said we didn’t have any money for the machine (you have to put £5 into a machine if you want pictures) but she accidentally printed some off anyway. At the end she told us we’d need to put some money in on the way out so I said again that we didn’t have any money for it. I could see her debating with herself as to whether or not to let us have them anyway but as they’d have gone in the bin if we didn’t have them she gave them to us as it didn’t really make any difference.

One of the photos I have added here because I think it is so funny. It’s actually the back of the head but looks like a scary face with big eyes and a toothy grin.

I have to admit to being torn when it comes to scans. While part of me thinks it’s nice to see the baby, and it was lovely to see the little arms and legs moving, and to be reassured that everything is ok, I also worry about the safety of them.

There is so little research done into the risks and it’s a very good argument that you shouldn’t have them because there is so little research and if the findings of the scan wouldn’t change the outcome of the pregnancy for you why put your child at any possible risk?

I definitely think the 4d scan distressed the baby. The movements afterwards were not His normal ones, there were more jabbing ones which I hadn’t had before and haven’t had since that day. I just feel that it wasn’t a good idea to have exposed my baby to such strong ultrasound waves and I do wish I hadn’t got carried along by the enthusiasm of the consultant who did the scan.

Having reminded myself of the "joys" of NHS scans and experienced a private one I would definitely go for he private one again if necessary. It was just a nicer experience, the lady who did the scan today was quite snappy with us whereas the consultant we saw was so lovely, even seemed to be more excited about the whole thing that we were.

After today’s scan I did wait to see the midwife afterwards however after waiting for 20 minutes we had to leave to pick up the children without being seen. There was no one around to ask for my notes back so I had to ask the receptionist to let them know and to make sure my notes were posted back to me. She kept telling me I had to let them know myself and had to wait. She didn’t seem to understand that when I said I had to leave “now” I meant I had to leave right away. She stropped off to tell them for me. We shall see if I actually get my notes back now and I bet they will have some comment about me leaving without being seen - but if there is then I will simply write in them that I had to leave and it wasn’t exactly my fault they didn’t see me before I had to go - its not like they were busy either. But that is the last time I will go up there.

Normally I want my pregnancy to last forever but this time round I can’t wait until the baby arrives. I just want to be holding my baby in my arms. I’m really looking forward to meeting Him.

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