Saturday, 28 March 2009

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying past! The Baby is now nearly 7 weeks old, and still not sleeping too well. It’s currently just after 4am and I’m up, although he is asleep in his bouncy chair and not my arms

We registered the birth on Tuesday - even when the Registrar was waiting for us to tell her the name so she could put it into the computer we were still trying to decide. And then the following day we change our minds again… We’re still not 100% sure what we want his name to officially be but whatever the birth certificate says I think he will always be Amos.

He’s smiling now which is lovely. He loves looking around, watching what is going on, and the look on his little face when he looks at me is sooo sweet. He might keep me up most of the night but I love him so much.

I didn’t get to the craft show the other week - another night awake meant it was just too far for me to travel on so little sleep. Hopefully I’ll get to one later in the year.

I have managed to do some knitting though and have nearly finished a pair of socks. I don’t know what I’m going to do next though. I really want to make a cardigan for one of my girls from the Noro I’m supposed to be making a blanket with. I can’t help feeling a blanket is a waste of all that wool especially considering how many blankets we have anyway.

Oh heck, I’ve got to go as Amos has woken up again.

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Pippa said...

That's a very cute photo!!