Monday, 9 March 2009

Hopefully I have posted the photos in the right order!! First of all are the slippers I made before they were felted. The purply/green ones are Twilleys Freedom and the pinky ones are Noro Kureyon. As you can see they were huge before felting. The pattern is Fuzzy Feet from

Then they went into the washing machine - 2 washes at 40 did nothing to them, so I put them in one 60. One wash started to felt them so I put them in again… the Noro ones came out still too big but the Twilleys ones. Well, lets just say Freedom felts very very well. A bit too well in this case and not only were the slippers too small for Craig but they were also too small for me. They do fit Millie though. Note to self - next time make them even bigger!! The felting it lovely though, really thick and tight.

The Noro ones had another run through at 60 and are still slightly too big so I will give them another go. It doesn’t felt as well as the Twilleys, but is easier to control. I can’t remember the shade number I used but I did cut out the horrible colours in it - a really unpleasant brown and green that ruined the overall look with the lovely pinks and blues.

I had started a blanket with the Noro but loved the colours so much I wanted to make something else. The blanket is now in a bag while I decide whether or not to continue with it (I’ve only crocheted one ball of it so far) or do I want to make something else with it?

It came from a brilliant seller on eBay who sells packs of 10 balls of Noro at a start price of £37.99, which even with the £7.99 postage (he’s in Japan I think) is a bargain. Search Noro and 10 and you should find him.

I am still spending most nights up with The Baby. I think my body has switched into night mode and I find it hard to sleep at night now anyway. The few nights I have spent in our bed have been disturbed by Craig snoring. Is it just me, or does anyone else with an other half that snores finds themselves lying awake listening to the noise getting more and more annoyed as if they’re saying “ha ha, I’m asleep and you’re not”??

My night time TV watching highlight has become Time Team at around 4.15am. I’m getting addicted to it I think. I have even found myself lying in bed thinking “shall I get up and watch Time Team?” when awake at 4ish.

It has reawakened an ambition of mine from years ago to be an archaeologist though. I used to want to be an Egyptologist and archaeology is one of those things I always wanted to do but always thought I wouldn’t be able to. But why not? Why can’t I do a course and become an archaeologist? My night time reading has involved several history books as well and I have realised just how much I love history (it hasn’t helped with my search for a name for my baby despite learning that Louis XV was born on the same day and Victoria and Albert married on that date too - but I have learnt some new things).

So I am going to look into it for the future. I might never get round to it, or I might find something else I’d rather do, but there is no reason why I can’t.

No naughty purchases this week!! But I am planning to go to the Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycrafts show at the NEC this weekend. Well, I say planning, I mean hoping. I depends what kind of nights I have and how tired I am by then. It’s quite a drive from here so I need to feel up to it. I’d be disappointed not to be able to go though - not that I should really. If I’m going all that way then I’d have to buy things to justify it wouldn’t I????? We’ll see anyway.

That’s it for now I think. I have currently got a rare 5 minutes with no baby in my arms - might try and get a few more rounds of the sock I have on the needles at the moment.

Take care.


Pippa said...

Those felted socks are very pretty! I'm wondering how many acres of knitting I'd have to knit to get felted socks for my whopping size 10 feet!!!

I'm very envious of you going to the show this weekend, let me know what it's like won't you. I've not been to any sewing/knitting shows before, but the adverts always look good. I think purchases at shows are definitely guilt-free, if not compulsory!!

Hope your nocturnal TV viewing settles down soon, mind you, there is probably more interesting stuff on at 4am than at 'normal' times!!

Liz said...

Those socks look fab, they have been on my to-do list but never seem to make it to the top! Thanks for the wooden toys link, the toys on it are beautiful Liz x

little grubs said...

I too have a bed partner that snores!!! When baby finally was asleep it used to drive me nuts too to be kept awake by it - so I would kick him - ever so gently mind!!! Hope you manage to get to NEC. I've never been to a sewing exhibition before but the others I've attended there have always been great. Love the slippers - pity about the sizing for you. Isn't it great thinking that you can do anything? And you really can and if you change your mind later so what. x