Monday, 24 August 2009

This morning I had an appointment to have some blood taken to see if we can find out what is wrong with me. I think it’s my thyroid, I fit a lot of the symptoms so I’m hoping that’s all it is and with medication I’ll be feeling better soon (and hopefully lose some weight instead of gaining it no matter how hard I try).

The man who does the blood tests at my surgery asked what I was doing afterwards - I am certain he was just chatting to relax me rather than trying it on with me, lol I said we didn’t know where to take the children and he suggested somewhere called Hubbard’s Hills in Louth. As we didn’t have any better ideas that’s where we decided to go.

One thing I often get asked is how we all get around - we take two cars! Our family car is an 8 seater which we’ve obviously now outgrown so we have to take my car as well. It does mean that if we have a lot of stuff to take, especially if we’re going away, we can fold up the rear seats in the Previa and it gives us loads of storage room.

So, off we went in our mini convoy through the Lincolnshire Wolds - a beautiful part of the country, full of little villages and old churches. About 5 minutes down the road we had our first “wee stop”.

Hubbard’s Hills is lovely, a nice easy walk along a brook that you can paddle in. We weren’t expecting this so the children were all wearing long trousers and well, lets just say, they got a bit wet!! There were a lot of wasps as well which wasn’t much fun but otherwise it was a lovely afternoon. Next time we will take swimming costumes and a picnic (and something to kill the wasps!!)

On the way home we stopped off at Pizza Hut in Skegness for dinner which we really enjoyed. The children were beautifully behaved which always makes outings a far more pleasant experience.

This is the last week of the school holidays and once again the time has flown by. We’re almost ready for when they go back. All the uniform is bought and named (it took me two and a half hours to iron all the tapes on) and we just need to get shoes for everyone and three new school bags. I think we’ll do that next week.

We’re not sure what we’re going to do for the rest of the week - Craig’s got a week off so we’re hoping to do something every day. He’s promised to take Jack for a train ride one day, hopefully he’ll get round to it, or we might even take them to one of those vintage railway places (we’ll be bored out of our heads but the boys will probably love it).

Hope your week is a good one!

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Pippa said...

That looks a lovely place, Lucy and fantastic photos too!