Thursday, 12 November 2009

Who are you?

I occasionally look at the live traffic feed for this blog to see who is visiting (and where from, and also where they've gone once they've visited) and there seems to be a lot of people from all over the place, so, who are you? :-) I would love it if you said "hello" and told me who you are, where you're from and if you have your own blog leave the address.

I was particularly interested to see a reader from Braintree in Essex had visited - we used to live there many years ago, it's where Craig is from and the two oldest children were born there, so please let me know who you are, I'd love to say hello and see if we know the same people etc.

It's lovely to think so many people read my witterings, lol

I'd also be interested to know if the traffic feed is actually accurate - one blog I go to has one and it says I'm from all sorts of different places around the country, but never actually where I am from. Very strange!

Anyway, come and share a virtual cup of coffee with me again soon.


Phyllis said...

hello :)

Just saying hello. I actually read on Google Reader and I don't know if your ticker counts those!

liza47 said...

hi iam a 47 year old irish mum of 4

Beth said...

Hi, I'm Beth, from Wales.. I'm assuming the feed thinks I'm in Cardiff, as that what normally comes up for me (but I'm not on there today :()

I have a blog at if you fancy visiting. (It's nowhere near the same standard of yours though).

Beth (Mum to Little Man, 4, and Dot, due 30/11)

Pippa said...

I'm that crazy woman who you introduced to sewing AND Starbucks coffee who drops by regularly and leaves rambling messaages when she ought to be doing housework instead! I've noticed your traffic thingy, I come as Coventry usually but this morning, I came up as something else? Can't I be somewhere exotic Horncastle!! hehehehehe. Enjoying my virtual cup of tea wiht you, but you forgot to put sugar in!!

Anonymous said...

well you know me - I also wonder if anyone actually reads my blog! I put a link on facebook to the latest post and low and behold I got comments!
I will make sure I add you to my bloglist - not sure how I've missed out before - I followed the link on kirsty's blog.

Caroline said...

that wasn't meant to be anon - I pressed the wrong button!

Becks said...

I think you know who I am too....another mad mama of eightbut much less organised and hardworking than you seem to be! No idea where it thinks I come from as I have no idea what IT is? Off to find out now though.

Becks said...

OK just looked! IT seems to think I'm from Liverpool which is a bit out but not too far. And I did live there a while. Maybe it's thinking of dear hubby, scouser born and bred!

Charlotte said...

Hello , in Derby, and have come from another blog! Was lovelt to share virtual tea with you too!!

Have a blog at

Do drop by and have peep!

Charlotte xx

Jem said...

Hello Lucie
I am Jem, previously known as Queenie from GP. I don't live in Loughborough but I'm not far!
I found your blog through Pippa's blog. My blog is
Thanks for the coffee !
Love Jem x

Anonymous said...

i arrived via someone else, but i can't remember who as i opened this tab about 3 days ago and then life took over and i'm only just looking through! for me it seems to say uk, which is true but rather vague.... i'm in sussex as it happens. i too have a blog although life's been far too hectic to blog of late but i will get back to it (although now it's time to handmake the christmas pressies so maybe not..)

Iris said...

Hi from London, I found you via someone else's blog on the Green Parent forums. Have been reading keenly your tales of life with your wonderful brood!