Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ooops, I did it again, went a few weeks without posting anything.  It's been quite a busy month since I last posted.  I had an assignment to submit to the OU which I got back with an excellent mark so I am really pleased.  My next one is due in next week so that's that I'm getting on with this week.

I said in my last post that G had introduced me to one of his hobbies, well, since then he has introduced me to another one.

The first one is Lindy Hop dancing, which, despite me always believing I have two left feet, I really really enjoy.  I love the fact that it's freestyle so as long as you know the various moves you can join in, and you don't even need to know all of the moves before you get can get going with it.  I also love the whole scene around it as well, especially the dressing up in period clothes.  G dresses up in a 40's style so that's what I'm going for when we go to my first proper dance.

The second is slightly more scary - he has a motorbike and promised to take me out on it when the weather improved.  When I got a text last week asking if I fancied a run out I said yes please and then realised when he told me to wear jeans and pumps that he didn't mean in the car.....  

My first fear was the helmet - I'm quite claustrophobic so wearing something tight around my head was scary enough, but when he closed the visor I felt like I couldn't breathe so had a small panic.  

Once I was all kitted out in helmet, jacket and gloves (and starting to cook slowly in the heat under all that thick clothing) off we went - visor open!! - I have to admit to being absolutely terrified and screamed he was going too fast.  Apparently we hadn't even reached 20mph....

The plan was to go up to Skegness for a coffee but I really didn't think I could make it that far.  However, I didn't say anything and by the time we got there I was actually enjoying myself and didn't feel quite so convinced I was going to go flying off the back every time he accelerated.

Going round the bends was really scary - how the hell do you not fall off when you're leaning over so close to the road????????

I now can't wait til we go out again on the bike, I've been promised a longer ride along faster roads...

Oh, and I very quickly shut the visor after getting fed up of the wind in my face and it was fine as the breeze blew through the helmet and I knew I could still breathe properly.

I loved it so much I am now considering getting my own kit!!

So, that's another two things to add to my list of "new things I have done" that I started last year (I forgot to mention I had two tattoos done last year didn't I?  Number three is being saved up for as we speak!!)