Saturday, 5 May 2012

That Friday feeling

Friday is my favourite day of the week.  The children are home for the weekend, there's the thrill of not having to get up and out for two mornings (three this weekend as it's a Bank Holiday), the chance to enjoy a relaxed couple of days doing not a lot and just spending time together without having to be anywhere - unless of course we have a trip planned.

The last couple of weeks have been fairly busy.  Last week I was really ill with a sickness bug I think I picked up from one of the children.  I ended up staying at home all week as it totally wiped me out but that did give me the chance to get some work on my latest assignment done for my OU module.  I got the rest of it done this week and it's all been submitted a whole 10 days early which is a really nice feeling.

We didn't do anything last weekend as the weather was so foul and just spent the time chilling out in front of a lovely log (and coal) fire.

This week, as well as managing to get my assignment finished I also worked my way through the next chapter of my course materials - we're given a study planner as a guide to where we should be up to each week and the course materials are divided into chapters, the idea being you study a chapter a week. I had fallen a few weeks behind with having two modules running side by side but I have now caught up with myself and now I'm hoping to get myself a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

My latest hobby is Lindy Hop dancing and I went to my dance class with G this week.  I really enjoy it and it's great to be able to share a hobby with the person you're in a relationship with.  He's been dancing for years so is really good at it but is fortunately very patient when it comes to practising between classes.  I've never been very co-ordinated and always thought of myself as having two left feet - anyone who has seen me in a step or aerobics class will vouch for that!! - but I seem to be able to manage Lindy really well.  I started Zumba classes at the gym just after Christmas and I'm not too bad at that either.

I love the whole lifestyle thing about Lindy as well, the clothes, the music etc.  I've always loved the music from the 30's and 40's, the big bands and the swing music and I love the style of the 40's.  Maybe if I grow my hair again I'll start sporting a victory roll!!

Another of the great things about Friday mornings is that as I usually stay over at G's on a Thursday night I usually get coffee and toast brought to me in bed which makes a nice change (it even makes up for the fact that his job means we're up at stupid o'clock!!)  He took delivery of some chicks two days ago so I went in to see them today - well, yesterday, as it's now 3am on Saturday morning - if you thought 3 day old chicks were cute, just imagine 12,500 of them!!!!  The noise was almost deafening but ohhhh, they were just soooo sweet!!  No, I couldn't resist picking one up to see if they really are as soft and fluffy as they look, and yes they are.  The children are most disappointed I didn't smuggle a few out in my pocket!!

Sorry there's no photos again this post.  I promise I will make more of an effort to add some in future. :-)