Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back to school

So, they’re back to school. While I am sad they’re back it’s also nice to be getting back into the normal term-time routines and getting back into seeing people again that we haven’t seen all Summer.

Millie seemed to have a good day - she came out with a big smile on her face so that’s good and her teacher had a word with Craig and said she had done really well and they’d had no problems.
I was a bit worried then when I got an email from the Learning Mentor asking to see us. I’m such a pessimist I always start thinking worst case scenarios, even to the point of worrying that they think there’s a problem at home that needs investigating or something. We went in today (otherwise it was going to have to be the end of next week) and of course it was nothing bad at all - A just wanted to talk about the School Action Plan for her for the term. She said Millie seemed to be doing really well as well so we’re fairly confident we’re going to have a good term with her.

It was also a big day for Alfie today - he started playschool!!! He was quite excited about it when we left - he carried his new bag to the car (with his nappies etc in) and went in holding Jack's hand. He obviously didn't really understand what "going to school" means but he liked the sound of it, lol When they go in they find their name card on the table then go into the registration room and post it in the letter box.

That was when we hit the first problem - he didn't want to go in so I had to carry him in and help him with the post box. He sat down with Jack and they both said "bye".We decided to wait in the room where they have the coats and things (its a Victorian school building, you go in the front door into the first room where they hang coats up and have a climbing frame, then there's the main room and a small room at the back where they do registration so they have all the children in one place when they've been dropped off (they have 4 staff in there) so there are no escapees.

I could hear Alfie crying but he was having a cuddle so we waited a bit longer and then could hear him and Jack playing in the main room so we left feeling fairly confident he would be ok.

When the boys came out at home time they were full of smiles and seemed to have enjoyed themselves (Alfie was absolutely covered in pink and red paint, I suspect they didn't manage to get an apron on him before he started, lol They know my attitude to paint on clothes is very relaxed!!!)

Jack normally never tells us anything about what he does at school but he was full of it today and Alfie was singing songs.No idea how he'll feel when we take him in on Tuesday - he'll either go in happily or scream when we get there and refuse to go in.

Jack was telling me later that Alfie had been crying because he wanted to go home and a lady had cuddled him (he doesn't seem to know the staff names) and he got all teary when he told me as if he was really upset by it which upset me because it was so sweet to see how much he cares about his brother. We didn't get a chance to talk to his key worker before we left so we're not entirely sure how it went yet but will have a chat on Tuesday (she only works Tues and Thurs).

So it seemed to be a good day - we took them to MacDonald’s as a treat afterwards. Hope they don’t expect that every day he goes in now!!!

Craig and I had a nice quiet morning - with having to go to school about Millie we didn’t have time to go and do anything so we sat and read emails and I did some of my swap (on one of the forums I’m on some of us are involved in a seasonal table swap where we all make something for an Autumn table). I’m not saying anymore than that in case my victim, sorry, recipient, reads this (and if you are reading this, not that you’ll know until after it arrives, I hope you like it as much as I am enjoying making it!!)

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