Friday, 28 November 2008

Coming into Winter

I finished the jumper! It was a bit of a slog as I was fed up with it and the weaving in of all the ends drove me slightly mad but it’s done. And neither boy likes it. Whether one of them will ever wear it I don’t know but at the moment it’s in jack’s drawer but he is not allowed to wear it to playschool in case it gets wrecked.

I was going to make something for the baby but of course needed yarn and needles so have ordered them from my favourite online shop for knitting stuff. In the meantime I am making a pair of socks. I started them two nights ago and am now about to start knitting the foot part so am going really well on them.

I can’t remember if I mentioned I have decided to stop reading online about crafting and start actually doing some. Well, I am keeping it up and doing really well. If I have a day where I only manage a tiny bit I don’t feel too bad because I am at least doing something.

I have plans to make a jacket for Alfie as well. I made a jacket from this particular pattern a few years ago for Sophie from some Hello Kitty fleece but it’s a bit too pink for a little boy. Years ago I bought some Blue’s Clues fleece for Ellie but didn’t ever do anything with it so am going to use it for this jacket.

Over the weekend it snowed. Not a huge amount, but enough to make the snowman in the photo. I think Jack and Alfie enjoyed their experience of snow, although they both ended up really wet and needed stripping off when they got in. The snow only lasted a few hours.

I feel quite sad that we don’t get snow like when I was young. I remember it being knee deep and lasting for weeks, not the couple of inches that only last a day or two at most we get here. I’d love to live somewhere that it snows and lasts for several months.

That’s all that’s happening really. We’ve started the Christmas shopping. It’s easy to buy for the older ones, they know what they want and it’s mainly games so they’re just a case of going into somewhere like Game or going online, but the little ones are difficult. They’ve either got huge lists (Millie’s is 4 pages long!!!!) or in the case of the two littlest ones there are no lists and we have to find something. They like cars and trains but we have loads of both, same with Duplo etc.
Craig and I aren’t buying each other anything as there isn’t anything we need or want (we tend to just buy what we want throughout the year) and there’s no point buying for the sake of it. Although I will admit I have ordered myself a pair of Uggs and a Mama jacket (baby wearing coat) “for my Christmas present”.

I think I will be putting up the tree etc in the next couple of weeks. Still haven’t decided where it will go mind you. Actually, we have two. One in the lounge and one in the dining room. But at the moment my dining room is taken over by my new bathroom suite so until that is done I can’t really do anything in that room.

I would love to do an Advent Spiral this year, and hope to get it sorted out for a few weeks time. Just the family, but it will be lovely. I think it’s a very Steiner/Waldorf thing - does anyone know it’s origins?

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you’ve had a good week and aren’t too cold!

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