Sunday, 9 November 2008


Ponkers!! No, I’m not being rude - remember a few weeks ago I said I had some photos to post, well, I finally did it. And here they are, Jack and his ponkers (or conkers as the rest of us call them). No idea why they are called ponkers but ponkers they are and we think it’s sweet. Jack and Alfie love playing with their ponkers, they’re definitely popular and not going to go mouldy in a box again!!!

What else is happening? Ummm, well, not a lot. The house tidying didn’t quite get finished but it was a good enough job. Yes, there’s more to do but it can wait and the worst of it was done which was the main thing. The girls bedroom was the most in need of the blitzing and was lovely and tidy for a few days…. The thing is, every time we clear that room out we get rid of several bin liners of stuff yet it still gets messed up again despite there not being much in there in the first place. Well, ok, we do usually find 5 or more loads of washing in there (nope, not joking!!!) and loads of washing up, along with a load of other stuff that you can’t work out why they would take it up there, but why do they do it? They love it when it’s tidy, I just wish they’d keep it that way!!

I shocked myself the other day by working out how many weeks I am now. So far I haven’t really thought about it, after all there’s Christmas to get out of the way first and until the birth is actually imminent it doesn’t really matter does it? But I was supposed to book an appointment with the midwife at 28 weeks so decided to work out when that should be. This week!!! I’m actually going next week.

We’ve bought a little snow suit for the baby which is very cute - I held it up on my shoulder like a real baby and it did look as if there was one in there which was a bit scary but sweet at the same time. I almost had a double pushchair as well - I won’t go into the saga of that one, if you know me you’ve already heard it, if not, lets just say my absolute bargain didn’t turn up and I am now in dispute with the seller to get my money back. Sadly, I’m not the only one to have been ripped off by her and there are at least 9 of us I think who were duped. She’s now changed her feedback to private to hide all the neg comments - but it just looks even more suspicious.
I now have to decide it I want to spend the money on getting one from a reputable seller or if I should just forget it.

I think we may have chosen a name for the baby. We have a nickname that we use which is so sweet but not really the sort of name most parents would give their child nowadays. The other children hate it mind you and shout at us whenever we refer to the babe by it. No, I’m not giving any clues away, I have to admit I really hate it when people announce their unborn baby’s names weeks and months in advance. I don’t know why, it just makes me cringe. We made that mistake once and it really took something away from the excitement of making the birth announcement - and was also very embarrassing when she didn’t look like a Rebecca and we changed the name after she was born (Sophie). I’m sure we will change our minds before February comes around as well.

Craft wise, well, not a lot doing. I just started the second sleeve on the boys jumper - I have second sleeve syndrome, lol I so want to get it finished so I can make something for the baby but am bored with it. Hoping to finish it at Centerparcs.

It’s so typical that I think of all sorts I want to put into my blog then when I sit down to write I can’t think of half of it!!

One bit of random news is the Pet Shop Boys are being given a big award at next years Brit awards. Why do I care about that you may ask? Well, Craig and I met through their fan club 16 years ago so they will always hold a special place in our hearts. But they are so old now!!!!! I can’t believe it. Makes me feel old, or should that be, makes me realise how old I am now. Mind you, we’ve done a lot over the past 16 years.

Right, that’s it for now. Take care until next time.

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