Thursday, 12 February 2009

At last!!!

Apologies to you if you’ve been checking for news - I’ve been very lax at posting. Yes, the baby has arrived!

I’m not one for birth stories but here’s a quick run down of what happened.

Craig had taken the girls to Brownies and got back at 6.15pm. I then started having contractions which were very close together and just got going. At 6.30 I thought it would be a good idea for Craig to go back for the girls in case I didn’t want to be left alone at the proper time.

By the time he got back I was in a bit of a state - the contractions were so intense and close together that I couldn’t focus on the hypnosis so I wasn’t calm or in control at all. I was getting loud and felt I couldn’t cope. When I started shouting that I couldn’t cope any more I realised that I was going through transition and it would be over very soon which really helped me through the last few minutes.

I kept checking how high his head was during each contraction. It was quite high and then all of a sudden there was a shudder and it moved down. One push brought out the head, but it took Craig to point out I needed to push again to get the shoulders and body out. We’re both convinced we caught him, I think it was a joint effort!!!

I couldn’t have done it without him and his support - he rubbed my back and supported me physically and mentally.

And baby? He’s a boy and weighed 7lb 8oz. He arrived at 7pm on 10th February after 45 minutes of labour and yes it was another planned unassisted birth. We still haven’t decided on a name for him. The names we like don’t really suit him. He did have a nickname when I was pregnant which was just a bit of fun, and when we told the children they hated it but we’ve all got so used to using it that we may end up calling him that anyway, and the children now like it. The only problem is it’s incredibly old fashioned and I’m not 100% sure. But it was very sweet when Jack saw his brother for the first time and we asked him “do you know who this is?” and he nodded and whispered “it’s Amos”.


Cybèle said...

Gorgeous baby, he looks just perfect!

shell said...

Absolutely beautiful, Lucie. Well done to you all.

Uma said...

Oh he is so very beautiful. Well done all of you. And I think Amos is a lovely name- gentle yet strong :-) Big loves to all. Uma x

Laura said...

Congratulations again!
He looks gorgeous, and i have to say i love the name Amos!

Laura/Mamoo x

Little Grubs said...

Congratulations to you and best wishes to your family. He is just perfect. Enjoy having a new life in your house. Much love to you. x

alice said...

He's gorgeous! Well done to all of you!

Silver Lining said...

Oh, what a moving story!

Amos is a beautiful name. Love to you all.

Michelle said...

Congratulations to you all, he's beautiful.

I do like Amos, old fashioned names are great. If T had been a boy she'd have been either Seth or Caleb.

moonmamma said...

beautiful baby Lucie, well done
congrats to you, Craig and the other children

Kelly said...

Beautiful, beautiful babe.
Such a precious time.
Well done mama!
Much Love