Monday, 16 February 2009

Thank you

Just want to say thank you for all the messages of congratulations.

Things are ok here. I've rediscovered night time tv as I'm sitting up all night with Baby but it's a good chance to catch up on my reading. I've got plenty of reading material to get through over the coming weeks and several DVDs I've had for a few years and never got round to watching.

He still doesnt have a name - we just can't decide on one that suits him and that we both like. I just can't imagine him at secondary school being called Amos but we could end up with no other option, lol

I will try and post properly again soon with some more photos.


shell said...

Amos is a lovely name - my brother was called Fred by us when he was in the womb - we had it officially changed to Fred for his 30th as he refused to answer to his real name.

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous Lucie. Congratulations! I think Amos is a lovely name too and will grow with him all the way to secondry school and beyond. I know what you mean, but think of it the other way round. What about those little old ladies called Hilda and Audrey. Can you imagine little girls running around with those names? Lol