Friday, 27 February 2009

Slippers and shopping

A very quick update from me.

Baby still hasn’t got a name, we keep trying ideas out but still no closer to deciding. I can’t believe he is over 2 weeks old already - where has the time gone??

He is sleeping better at night and in our bed. I have to sleep with my arms around him so he thinks he’s still being cuddled, and he obviously thinks I’m going to abandon him as he open his eyes every now and then to check I’m still there.

I have also discovered a way of holding him and knitting at the same time so have been quite productive - since he was born I have finished a scarf I started the day before he arrived and have made myself a pair of slippers in Noro Kureyon which will be felted along with the pair I have started for Craig. Just one more to go.

A few weeks ago I got a lovely book called “Zakka Sewing” - it’s full of lovely Japanese projects but is in English. However, I seem to have been bitten by the Japanese bug and have been very naughty and ordered myself two more Japanese sewing books from eBay. Both are in Japanese which will be interesting.

Yes, I know, I’m not meant to be buying things. I do feel bad that I had a bit of a spending spree yesterday. It was craft day on QVC and the best thing would have been for me not to have watched it at all but I did and I did order some things. Not as many as I could have done, but I did order some things I really don’t need nevertheless. I almost spent £80 on ribbons but stopped myself. And then I went onto eBay and bought the two books and some linen fabric. Oh, and the other night I ordered some books from Amazon. I really want to order some felt too from a lovely website called Paper and String.

I know I need to stop myself, I’m supposed to be clearing off my credit card and was meant to be saving to get my car serviced. The car service money has now gone.

I could sit here and beat myself up over it, which I am tempted to do, but whats the point? I’ve done it, so I will enjoy my purchases but I will try and learn my lesson from it.

I’ve just read a lovely book called “Timeless Simplicity” which is about cutting out the unnecessary things in your life, including spending on wants and not needs. I was (and still am) very inspired by it and am going to try and live more along those lines. I’d recommend it if you’re wanting to simplify your life.

Otherwise not a lot else has been happening - most of my time is spent feeding and holding the baby (which I am not complaining about, although I will admit I’m not quite as keen on it at 3am when I desperately need some sleep, lol).

I have had some lovely gifts recently - a gorgeous pair of bootees for the baby from a lovely online friend, Cea (whose blog I have added to my faves on the left), a lovely sleep suit (for babe) and yummy hot chocolate (for me) from a lovely online and real life friend, Pippa, some yarn from two people on Ravellry that was sent for nothing despite being complete strangers (although I share the same name as one of them which is a lovely coincidence) which has really touched my heart and I am very grateful to them both, and a lovely blanket for the baby from another real life friend. I have a horrible feeling I have forgotten somebody. If I have I can only blame being sleep deprived and I am very very sorry, but thank you.

I have managed 3 hours without a baby in my arms tonight which is amazing - I’ve done some of those little jobs I’ve been meaning to do for ages now, but he is waking up now so I will get this posted and go and feed my little man. If you have any ideas for a name for him please let me know!!

Take care! :-)


shell said...

I think he looks like an Amos ;-)

Kelly said...

Baby looks adorable, Lucy! I just love that Timeless Simplicity book too. Thinking of you.
Best wishes Kelly

Cybèle said...

He's gorgeous Lucie!
We have a Norwegian translator at work who's called Jonas. If I had another boy that name would definitely feature on my list of possible names. Strangely enough, Jonas looks a lot like my brother, who's called Matthijn which is the Dutch version of Matthew, and the French version of that is Matthieu. And I think your baby looks just like a Matthieu. (feel free to burst out laughing now ;-)

Pippa said...

Ooh, I've just discovered your blog!! Never NEVER feel guilty about buying craft stuff. That's an order!! If it feeds the soul and gives tonnes of creative pleasure then it is worth every penny!!

Little babe is sooooo lovely!! He looks very serious in that photo, but very huggable!! I really like the name Amos too, but if you weren't sure, it would always make a good middle name. Boys names that I have always liked (apart from the ones I chose for my two boys) are Henry, Edward, Patrick, Frankie. Uh-oh, I can hear the sound of giggling!! I have very old-fashioned tastes I think!!