Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The children went back to school last week. The holidays were a bit strange this year as the children stayed with their dad for a week, then with me for a week and back to their dad's etc etc. It was really hard going for a whole week without them so I am really glad that things have gone back to normal. It didn't feel like 6 weeks but then it never does.

Millie has so far settled really well into her new school. The school has decided not to get her statemented, not to supply her with a one-to-one carer and to disregard the advice her previous school supplied them with for dealing with her when she has her meltdowns. I suspect she'll only need to have 2 or 3 before they change their mind!!!!

The school run has become interesting now though. I used to drop off at the secondary school on the way to the primary school and we'd leave the house at half eight. Now I have to leave at eight, and the secondary and primary school children get dropped off for breakfast club at their schools so I can get Millie to school in the opposite direction on time. This involves almost driving back past the house on the way to M's school. Sometimes home education seems very appealing!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking of putting Amos into pre-school after Christmas when he's almost 3 but the one I would want him to go to is in yet another village. Unless I can find one in the village M goes to school in....

Back in July I did something I'd always wanted to do but hadn't been brave enough - I had my belly button pierced. It's not something I'll be putting on show - 8 babies and fluctuating weight over the years has not been kind to my stomach so I won't be offending the eyes of the world by putting it on display - but I like it and it's nice having a little secret (a bit like knowing you're wearing really nice underwear, lol)

Hopefully I'll soon be able to start posting photos again. Sorry my posts are a bit boring - I always like looking at photos on other people's blogs.

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