Sunday, 25 September 2011

I suppose blogs are the modern day equivalent of paper diaries, the main difference being that by putting it online you know other people will read it. However, just like the “secret diaries” of old, if you go reading someone else’s and you see something about yourself that you don’t like then it serves you right for being nosey (unless the writer specifically asked you to read it).

Blogs and diaries are a place for the writer to vent if they need to. I will write whatever I like about whoever I like. If I want to vent about someone or something then I will. There are only a handful of people who were invited to read my blog, and there are a few friends who have come to the blog in other ways and you are all welcome. Maybe you’ve found the blog by accident? Then you’re welcome here too. But maybe you are one of the few who have found the blog and read it simply to find out what I am saying, and to find out if I’m writing about them. You (and you know exactly who you are) are not welcome here. Just like listening in to a private conversation you might hear things you don’t like and if you do, well, you shouldn’t have been earwigging so you have no right to go running back to anyone crying that “Lucie said this about me, boo hoo, isn’t she horrible???”

Nor do you have any right to go bringing up things from my blog from the past that have nothing to do with you.

Now, if you’re reading this and wondering what the hell I’m on about then you can be safe in the knowledge I’m not talking about you. If you’re reading this and you do know exactly what I’m talking about then you read on at your peril.

I split up with my ex nearly 2 years ago. Things hadn’t been going well for a long time and we were both unhappy long before I told him it was over. Things were very unpleasant at first. Despite the effort to be civil to each other for the sake of the children the tension and nastiness didn’t always stay under the surface and we both said stuff to hurt and upset the other. And we both said stuff to other people about the other that wasn’t nice. He told some really awful lies about me in emails etc to the various women he was in contact with last year such as that I had had affairs and wasn’t to be trusted to look after my own children. All total and utter rubbish but he said them because he wanted to hurt me.

However things have improved massively and I think we can both now say we are genuinely friends with the other. The nastiness is behind us. We’ve closed the door on it and moved on as we are both adults. It’s nothing to do with anyone else and it’s not something that either of us are going to bring up and most certainly not use it as ammunition in an argument which would be incredibly childish of us wouldn’t it? And it would be incredibly childish and totally inappropriate of someone else to bring it up wouldn’t it?????

Both of us have moved on in our lives. We’ve both had other relationships. He has been seeing someone for about a year now and I have never had a problem with that. There have been a number of things that I could have kicked up a fuss about but I never have because I haven’t wanted to cause trouble.

Despite the fact that we are no longer together the biggest thing that we both agree on and are both adamant about is that the children are our number one priority. They come first. They come before anything or anyone else. New partners included!! And as part of that, to ensure they are happy and to help them accept the situation, he and I are determined to stay on the best terms we can. That means we are friends. We’ll chat, we’re there for each other if one of us is ill or needs help or whatever. We went for a meal for my birthday the other week.

We were together for 18 years, you can’t be together for that long and not care about each other. Not in any way other than as friends. You care about your friends don’t you? It doesn’t mean you want to sleep with them does it? It means nothing other than you care about them.

Unfortunately a certain person doesn’t like this. She doesn’t like me and C being friends. She doesn’t care about our children’s feelings or their welfare. She doesn’t care that the best thing for them is that their parents are friends. She doesn’t like that they come first to their father. If she didn’t have a child of her own you could maybe understand her not being able to see that children are the priority but she does have a child herself - although from what I can gather she spends very little time with him and is quite happy to dump him off on other people so she can do her own thing - so maybe doesn’t have that maternal instinct that most other women have.

C added me as a friend on facebook. Now I may be wrong but surely he has the right to be friends with whoever he likes on there including his ex? Obviously not, judging by the fuss that kicked off which got even worse when C and I became neighbours in the Sims game on there. Now I have to admit I’m not really into games so wouldn’t normally have started playing something on Facebook but the children were desperate for me to play something with them and I couldn’t work out how to play Horse Academy so The Sims it was. I’m going to assume that you know the game and that you go and visit your neighbours and become friends with them and send them items they need etc etc all as part of the game.

So, I’m playing it and all is quiet until C tells me there has been an almighty row over me sending him a request in the game. Apparently it means I want to get back together with him. Does the fact I am “dating” my 8 year old daughter in the game mean I want an incestuous relationship with her??? No!! Of course it doesn’t. and I sent the same request to my 15 year old son. Again does it mean anything more than just being part of a facebook game??? No.

Notice I keep mentioning the word “game” over and again. This person obviously spends so much time on her computer that she cannot tell the difference between a game (which isn’t real) and the big wide world outside her bedroom which is real. She’s obviously very immature mentally because she spends so much time playing games and she is in her 40’s (I’m not sure exactly how old but judging from what I have seen of her I would say mid to late 40s). Most women have more important things to do than playing computer games don’t they? Real life means there is washing and housework, shopping and cooking etc to do. Mind you, she still lives with her parents which is quite worrying as well at that age. C hasn't said much to me about it but from what he has said I think she has some serious mental issues which make me concerned about the safety of my children.

So, for a quiet life C leaves the game and unfriends me again. How ridiculous is that? That he can’t be friends with who he likes or play a game he wants to play because of her immaturity and jealousy. And yet she claimed that she doesn’t have a problem with him being friends or talking to whoever he likes….. Er, yeah, whatever love.

Now surely that should have been the end of it? Ohhh no. She then decides to slag me off on her facebook account which I would probably have been totally oblivious to had it not been for the fact she was friends with my children on facebook and one of them had left the computer logged into her facebook account and it was there in the middle of the screen in her news feed.

Now, by all means slag me off on facebook but NOT where my children can see it. What kind of a person does something like that??? She has already upset them loads with stuff she has posted on there. I've had enough of seeing them upset by her. Whatever problem you have with someone you keep it away from their children. Again, it shows how immature and insensitive she is.

All this time I’ve kept quiet. I’d told C how ridiculous I thought she was being over the game, but seeing her post on FB was the final straw so I put something on my FB that she would only see if she was snooping around looking at my profile as it was set to private until that point and I made this particular post public. And yes, she was of course snooping around. What did I say at the start of this post about being nosey?? You’ll likely hear or see something about yourself that you don’t like. And off she goes, kicking off again.

So C has a go at her about it, tells her not to go looking at my profile and to stop trying to cause trouble. He has got health issues at the moment and asked her to keep things calm for him at the moment because the last thing he needs is her having a go at him over pathetic things.

Many years ago he had a big fall out with his parents which resulted in him not speaking to them or having any contact with him. I’d always said that if he decided he did want to get back in touch then he should do and I would be 100% behind him but he never wanted to. He changed his mind last year and has seen them a few times and recently decided he wanted to introduce the children to them. I said I would like to go along as well as it would be nice to see them again and also because it would be a major thing for the children to meet their grandparents for the first time as they didn’t know they even existed.

Guess who didn’t like this??? Yep. For some reason she seems to think she had some right to be there instead. I really cannot see why she should. They’re not her children, and they’re not her in-laws.

So, off we went on Saturday to see them. It was a lovely day. It was really nice to see my in-laws again after all these years and it was nice to see the children meeting them for the first time as well. During the day I posted on FB something along the lines of “having a lovely day with C, the children and their grandparents in Scarborough”. When we got back my mother-in-law and I became friends on FB and the following day she posted a load of photos from the day, some of which I commented on.

You know what’s coming next don’t you???? Yep. Madam goes ballistic. Apparently I posted that update on FB to wind her up. Erm, I posted it on MY wall, for MY friends to read. YOU’VE been told NOT to look at my profile so why are you doing it again?????? Apparently I’m playing games and she accused me of playing happy families….

Ok, lets spell this one out. C is my husband as we are still legally married. So we are still family. The children will always be my children and C’s children. We ARE a family. His parents are my in-law’s and because of the children I will always be part of their family through the children. It WAS a family day out. And it was a happy day out. There was no “playing happy families”. She is nothing to C’s parents and she is nothing to the children. She can’t claim to be part of C’s family in any legal or blood way at all. So why should she have been there???? I’m part of the family. She is not.

She didn’t like the photos that were posted because they had me in them and of course I only commented on them saying I liked them to cause trouble. Oh grow up you silly cow.

By now I have had enough of this. I’ve had enough of her going running to C telling tales and whining like a 5 year old. He doesn’t need the stress of it anyway, especially not at the moment. I cannot believe that a woman of her age is acting like this. She’s older than me yet she’s behaving like a child. Even my children say she’s childish and pathetic for making such a fuss about me being friends with C on facebook and about us being friends.

So I insisted on speaking to her about it. She started coming out with a load of crap about how she made an effort with me. Erm? Yeah, right. Who was it that completely snubbed my invitiation to one of the girl’s birthday party?? Not only did she not bother to turn up she didn’t even have the courtesy to decline the invitation. She could have asked C to make an excuse for her if she didn’t want to come but she didn’t even have the basic manners to do that.

Then she had the nerve to bring up stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with her from the past. Don’t the experts always say you should never bring up stuff from the past in an argument? That’s bad enough but when you bring up something from someone else’s past that is none of your business that is way out of order.

I’d had enough of the total crap and bollocks she was spouting so I told her what I think of her. I don’t take back what I said. She IS fat. She IS ugly. And she IS a bitch. Then she hung up on me and threw the phone at C.

As I said earlier, I have never had a problem with C having a relationship with her. I have never tried to cause trouble between them and I have never tried to split them up. I’ve always just let them get on with it.

I understand her feeling threatened by me. I look after myself. I like to make sure I look nice, I wear nice clothes and shoes (ok, not every single day, some days I like to wear jeans and my converse and not bother with my contact lenses), I wear make-up, I’ve lost loads of weight and am determined to maintain it, I have my hair and nails done. I make an effort over my appearance. Maybe if she put as much effort into how she looks as she has done in trying to cause trouble between me and C then she’d feel better about herself. If she lost some weight, did something about her hair, wore a bit of make-up and wore better clothes she might feel more confident. I know she’s heading for her 50s but she doesn’t have to dress and look like she’s already there.

She accuses me of trying to split them up but I have never done anything to try that. And the way she is behaving she is doing an excellent job of causing it to happen herself. We’ve both moved on.

However, she has pissed me off enough now to find out just what happens when you piss off and annoy the ex. The phone call. This post. Had she just acted like an adult and kept her big mouth shut (not easy when it’s even bigger than your arse, especially when you’re hiding behind a computer screen I accept) then all would have been fine and quiet. Those who know me know that I’m a lovely person but deep inside there is a bitch who will come out when necessary to protect my family. You’ve now seen her.

Madam now needs to take several steps back, stop giving C grief, leave him alone on the subject of me, leave me alone and accept that if she wants a future with him then that involves me being in his life and she has to stop rocking the boat. She has to accept that his children come over and above her and always will do. The highest she will ever be in his eyes is number 9. And she is going to have to stop looking through his facebook messages, phone logs etc because she might just find something she doesn’t want to see.

I know this isn’t the end of it all. I don’t need to have psychic powers to know that she is bound to kick off again over Christmas. Neither C or I want to spend Christmas without the children and neither of us will. She claims Christmas is a time for family yet she kicked off last year because he spent the day with his children. Surely if family are so important to her then she could have no problem with that??? Oh no. She and her family were pissed off he didn’t spend the day with them. Once again the hypocrite comes out….. Her family are not his family so why would he spend the day with them and not his own children who ARE his family????

As long as peace reigns these are my final words on the matter. If she stirs up the shit again then I won’t stay quiet. Just sayin’.