Sunday, 28 September 2008

Here’s the second part of what was meant to be a big blogging session last night, but wasn’t.

I mentioned before that I was making something for a seasonal table swap that was organised by a very lovely lady on The Green Parent forum. Well, the swap has now happened so I can reveal that my make was some knitted and felted acorns and leaves. They were really easy and satisfying to make - and I had to make some for our own seasonal table. I’ve added a couple of photos of our seasonal table with the very cute little gnome we received. Typically I have no photos of the acorns at the moment so will add them at a later date.

I’ve also added a photo of my poor wrist - it’s still bruised and sore from the arterial blood gasses test I had last weekend (thanks to A for telling me the correct name for it).

This weekend has been really Autumny - yesterday was really foggy and there is definitely that lovely Autumn smell in the air which I love. I’ve noticed the leaves have really started to change colour now as well. Did I mention I love Autumn???

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