Saturday, 6 September 2008


I love September. I don’t know if it is because it’s my birthday month or that I just love this time of year. For me it always feels like a new year, more so than January 1st. Again, maybe it’s because for me it is a new year, or because of the fact it’s the start of a new school year which is always a big thing - not just when I was a child but now with five children in school and two in playschool.

September hadn’t really hit me until yesterday when I was in WHSmiths and was looking at the display of stationery while waiting for Craig to pay for Jack’s “Tractor Story comic” (actually a Tractor enthusiasts magazine but Jack seemed to fall in love with it when he spotted it and calls it “Tractor Story”. I have never seen a child as excited as he gets when we see a tractor. Good job we live in the middle of a veg growing area and that it seems to be harvest time as we can’t leave the house without seeing several dozen of the blooming things!!!)

Anyway, stationery. I love it. I love looking at it and buying it and using it. Note books, pens, pencils, rubbers, A4 ring binders, diaries, I love it all. And I miss having an excuse to buy it too.

So September time has kicked in with me and today I had the urge to clean tidy and sort the house (cue the children wishing they could hide, lol) We’ve got some tidying done which is nice, and some sorting out. Lots more to do too.

I’m so tempted to do a big move round of stuff - my sewing table and stuff, along with my craft cabinet and stuff is all in the dining room but the children are always messing with it and there isn’t enough room for it all anymore. I’ve had this crazy idea that Alfie can move into Jack’s bedroom and Ellie can move in with Millie and Sophie or Beth and I’ll convert their room into my craft/sewing room. Then all my fabric boxes that have taken over the landing can go in there too (they are multiplying a bit too rapidly as well!) Oooh, a room devoted to my stuff would be fab, but then I think about the fact there is another baby on the way and he will need a room eventually and then what do we do? I suppose we could make Jack share with Robbie and the new babe could go in with Alfie.

Or I could sell it all and have the clear space…. Um, no. Maybe not!! I just need to use up all this fabric and stuff - anyone know where I can find the time for that? Preferably on the internet as I don’t have much time for going to shops!!!

Something else that hit me today was the baby. Well, not literally the baby, but the photo. I kind of knew what an 18 week old foetus looks like but seeing those photos has really made it sink in. That is a real baby. Not just a mass of cells, or a weird alien like creature but a real baby with a real baby face. And women terminate babies of that age, probably telling themselves that it’s not a real baby yet to try and relive their guilt. How could anyone kill such a cute tiny baby? Well, I’m not going to get into the whys and wherefores but it did hit me that someone could do that and would they if they had seen such amazing photos first?

I’ve been busy with my swap items and am really enjoying making them. Definitely making some for us as well. And one of this weekends jobs will be to change the seasonal shelf to something more Autumnal as its still in spring mode (yep, I am useless at changing it!!) One problem is its not very accessible at the moment as the dining table is too close to it so we’re going to move the table slightly so we can get round there. I have lots of lovely autumnal things for the table so it will be nice to get them out again.

And I’ve nearly finished the crochet blanket. I did have a bit of an annoying moment earlier - I was looking for something in my knitting basket and found another 6 squares for the granny squares blanket all sewn together…… Am thinking of trying to add them to the one I did and making an extra couple of squares if necessary. Grrrrrr!

So much I want to do and so little time to do it!!!

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