Friday, 5 September 2008

Some news

Ok, I have some news. Most of you reading this probably already know but some of you may not - number 8 is on the way. We are delighted, and after having my scan today I am sooo excited about it. Babe is 18 weeks and everything is fine. Today was the first scan we have had so I was really looking forward to finally seeing him (I always refer to my unborn babies as he regardless of the actual sex as I don’t like saying “it” so don’t make any assumptions from that).

As I didn’t want to have the stress of the usual NHS scan at my local hospital we chose to have it done privately. Oh my goodness, what a difference!!! Instead of the usual long wait (of anything up to 3 hours) the consultant was waiting to greet us as we walked in the door. We went to sit in a lovely waiting room (all leather sofas and nice ornaments) instead of the hot, stuffy, unventilated crowded waiting room at the local hospital. There was a big pile of toys in the corner for the boys to play with (lots of Thomas trains and diggers so they were very pleased!!) I filled in a form and then we went into the scanning room - the boys were encouraged to bring the toys through and the consultant didn’t mind them making a noise (he has 5 children himself).

He asked us what we thought we were having and before checking anything else he had a look and pointed out the sex (and made sure we had several photos of the relevant area!) There is only one babe in there and he was moving around lots and everything is fine. We saw arms and legs, the heart beating away perfectly, the little face, the spine, the bladder, everything.

As a treat, because of the problems I have had with the local hospital and consultant, he let us have a quick 4d scan and gave us some 3d photos that are amazing. So different to the normal scan photos you get. I’d always been less than impressed with the ones I have seen in the past but it’s obviously very different when it’s your own baby because I love them and can’t stop looking at them.

The consultant that did the scan was lovely, he made us feel really special and seemed more excited than we were about the scan. It was such a lovely experience I would highly recommend them -

I am now really excited about the baby - it seems real now and I can let myself believe there really is a baby in there even though I’ve felt him kicking for weeks now. Since the scan I’ve had some massive kicks and movements.

After the scan the first place we went was Mothercare to buy a few bits for the new babe which was lovely. I haven’t bought anything yet and felt guilty about it but have now made up for it with 2 blankets and a monkey.

Babe is due in February, it seems like so far away at the moment!!


Rach said...

Congrats again, lovely piccie, so clear xx

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your happy news.

Laura said...

Congratulations! That's great news. Lovely picture too. x