Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Another week goes by

I started writing this several days ago and was waiting to get round to getting some photos but haven’t done it. I know blogs are far more interesting with pics but I’m afraid this will be another one without. Yet another week has passed, another week closer to Christmas and another week less of our lives to live.
The reason I started up this blog was to document the process of getting Millie formally diagnosed with Aspergers. We’ve been having regular appointments with a psychologist and can now announce that she doesn’t have Aspergers. She doesn’t appear to be on the Autistic spectrum at all. But we don’t know what the problem is. The most likely conclusion is that she is just immature for her age and whether or not there is a reason for that is still unclear.
In some ways I am disappointed. I kind of wanted a label for her so that we could explain why she behaves the way she does easily, but it looks like we can’t. She’s just got her funny ways and probably always will. She hates change and has very definite ideas about things but maybe she is just highly sensitive. I feel that I need to just accept she is the way she is without needed a label for it, without constantly searching for answers. She is going to see the psychologist again after Christmas and we’ll see what she says then.
However, the process has made me more convinced that Bethany has Aspergers but I’m not going to pursue it. I don’t see the point now she is soon to leave school.
As well as that we have been preparing for our new en-suite bathroom to be fitted. I think we started the process way back in August, but it has now all been delivered, and is being started tomorrow. I will be so glad to be able to have a shower again and not to have a bath every morning. I hate baths. I very rarely have them as I just can’t be bothered, so to be forced to have them every day and to have to wash my hair in the bath with a bowl to rinse has been a nightmare. The only nice thing has been the 10 minutes I spend laying back and watching the baby moving around (well, it seems a waste of all the effort of running the water to just jump in, get washed and get out again).
I am not looking forward to the disruption though, or the fact that I can’t have a lie in or an afternoon sleep while it’s being done. I don’t need a sleep every day but to have no option always makes it more likely that you’ll need one doesn’t it? I’m not looking forward to not being able to nip into the en-suite for the loo at night as well.
We also put the Christmas tree up yesterday - that’s as far as we got though. I’m hoping we’ll get the lights on tonight and then the children can decorate it tomorrow. The control freak side of me always wants to rearrange the children’s efforts but I always resist and accept that it’s a much nicer tree when the children have done it than one to my idea of perfection. I wonder how long it will be before the little ones notice the chocolate decorations?? And how long they will last (the choc not the littlies!!).
Craft wise I have made the lamb suit for the teddy and Jack wasn’t well for a few days and requested a blanket which I have started. I’m using Noro Kureyon. I have a pattern which I thought was for a baby blanket and chained the amount of stitches it said but it is very wide so more single bed sized. I couldn’t be bothered to start all over again so decided to use two different shades of the Noro. It’s going to take 20 balls (alternating every 2 balls of each colour) and will be a really good size. I’m really enjoying making it, it’s quick, easy and I love the colours (well, most of them. For some reason Noro always put some horrible colours into their yarn which I’m always tempted to cut out. These balls are mainly blues and greens but have brown in them which just doesn’t go).
I have a load of Kureyon in red shades that I might make another one of these blankets from when I’ve finished a couple of other projects I want to get done. And last year I made a blanket from Silk Garden which I love so I may make another one of those too.
Blankets seem to be this years “thing” for me. I’ve made several. Last year it was scarves.
Since I started writing this entry I’ve come down with a cough and chest infection. I’m a bit worried that it’s going to aggravate my asthma - fingers crossed it wont. The bathroom is under way and is hopefully going to be finished very soon. Admittedly at the moment (Tuesday night) it’s looking a bit unlikely as there is no floor in there still - turned out it wasn’t Craig’s DIY skills that caused the wet floor, but the toilet pipe was leaking. Sorry Craig!

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