Friday, 26 December 2008


It’s Boxing Day already!! I can’t believe Christmas is over again for another year. It was a lovely day though. Nothing much happened, we didn’t get dressed and the curtains and blinds still haven’t been opened since we shut them on Christmas Eve!!

The children were up at about 5.30am but we told them they had to wait until 7.30 before they could open their stockings. It was 7.52 when they came back to our room to ask if they could open their other presents. Being mean (and tired!!) parents we told them they had to wait until we got up. We made them hang on until 8.30 and the opening began.

They were all pleased with what they got. I did plan to do a scrap booking layout of each of them holding their favourite thing but none of them could decide which is great.

I managed to do quite a bit of Jack’s blanket which was good as well. Only another 8 balls of wool to go and then it’s finished (my aim is to do 2 balls a night minimum). I’ve also finished a pair of socks and a hat for the baby. The socks were really simple and I have quite a bit of the wool left so I will probably do another couple of pairs.

The bathroom is coming on. I do have a shower and a toilet now which is great - I cannot tell you how lovely it is to be able to have a shower every day again. And not having to traipse upstairs for the toilet is great as well for someone who is 34 weeks pregnant.

Hopefully the builder will be coming back the week the children go back to school to finish off, but it is looking great. The tiles are lovely, the shower is fab, it’s all great!! I didn’t take any before photos which is annoying, although I do have some from when we first moved in. I will post them and the after ones once it’s finished.

I can’t believe a week of the school holidays is over already. Why do they have to go so quickly?? We haven’t done anything really. I’m hoping to organise some craft activities for them for next week.

I’m now 34 weeks which is in some ways a bit scary - I don’t know where the time has gone, I still don’t feel “that” pregnant. While I can’t wait to be holding my baby I also don’t want the pregnancy to end. I love feeling the baby moving around and I love my bump. There’s also a part of me dreading the sleepless nights, the total exhaustion, the wondering if you’re ever going to get another full nights sleep.

We seem to have escaped too much illness this year. Apart from everyone coughing and a few colds we’ve all been well which is nice. Normally everyone is ill over Christmas. I hope I haven’t spoken too soon!!

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