Monday, 29 June 2009

I’ve done it again - gone a while without posting.

Not a great deal has happened mind you. My memory is so bad I can’t actually remember what I did last week. The weekend was a quiet one with a rather disastrous walk that ended prematurely due to our stupidity in allowing the children to take various ride-ons/bikes. Note to self - next time we go out the children must leave everything at home!!

On Sunday C took 5 of the children to the beach which they all seemed to enjoy, especially as they found a stretch of beach where they could park the car on the edge of the sand and there was no one around apart from the odd dog walker.

I finished a pair of socks that I have been knitting for a couple of weeks. I’m really disappointed with them as they are waaaayyyy too big for me so fall off as I walk. As they were knitted on two needles this wasn’t obvious until I had finished plus they needed sewing up which is an advantage of knitting with DPNs.

I was telling Millie they were too big and she said she didn’t think daddy would want them (they are pink) so I told her I would have to find someone with bigger feet than me to give them to. “They might fit you when you’re grown up” she pointed out. Maybe I’m not as old as I feel after all!!

I’ve been having a bit more of a declutter. I’m not usually sentimental about things, especially books but there are a couple I just can’t bring myself to get rid of - one is a 14 year old copy of Miriam Stoppards pregnancy book. Even way back then when I bought it the photos were old, but I’ve referred to the baby development info every time I’ve been pregnant. The other is “breast is best” by the Stanways. I bought it when I had just had Eleanor, my first successfully breastfed baby and referred to it lots. I’m not planning any more babies so I’m not likely to need either book again but I can’t get rid of them.

I’ve a few things to get rid of though and thought I’d mention them here in case any of my readers would be interested. One is a seasonal festivity stand. You can see it at in the celebrations section. Mine is the natural one but if you look at the white one it gives you an idea of what you can do with it. It has holes to hang decorations from as well as larger holes for candles and the decorations from the birthday rings. As you can see it is almost £50. Mine has mainly sat on the shelf gathering dust so I’d like £30 for it.

Also 17 balls of Twilleys Freedom 100% wool in Moorland which is a heathery shade of greens and purples (I made the felted slippers a few pages back from it). A couple of the balls have been knitted so will need to be frogged. Plus a pattern book. £25.

And the following books:
Books from AIMS -
Am I allowed?
Choosing a home birth (Pat Thomas).
Safety in childbirth (Marjorie Tew),
Delivering your placenta, the third stage.
What’s right for me?
Birthing your baby, the second stage.

Also - not from AIMS - MMR understand your choices (Sussman)
All of them £2.50 each plus postage.

Your birth rights by Pat Thomas. Unread but one of my children knocked a glass of water over near it so some of the pages are watermarked. £5.00
The breastfeeding answer book by Jack Newman - £25
Why vegan - £3.00
A-Z of animal ingredients - £3.00
School is not compulsory - £3.00
Mothering your nursing toddler - £3.00
Three in a bed - £3.00
Do not disturb - £4.50

Email me at foreverj2 at aol dot com rather than leaving a response here if interested.

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