Monday, 1 June 2009

Well, we didn’t get anymore felting done yesterday (here's the promised photos though). Instead we cleaned the cars and tidied up the front of the house a bit.

My car was desperately in need of a clean. I can’t remember the last time it was done and where
we live the roads are often muddy because of the farm traffic around so when the roads are wet as well your car is sprayed with liquid mud. Too often have I gone through the carwash only to have a dirty car again by the time I’ve got home. I had clean bits on the door sills where your leg touches it when getting in and out (and filthy patches on my trouser legs!!) So it was a big job. But, we got it clean and I even have a cleaning tip for you. The front of the car was covered in dead insects and they wouldn’t come off until I tried one of those foam cleaning blocks you can buy quite cheaply on them. This block was so good that it even got all the black stuff off my hub-caps so they are gleaming now too. I don’t want to go out in it and spoil it now, lol

Today is book sharing Monday and I’m not going to share a book with you but a whole series of books. You know when you get one of those thoughts that pop into your head for no apparent reason? Well, last week I suddenly thought “I wonder if you can still get those Garden Gang books?” Remember those? They were written by a 9 year old, but I loved them. I didn’t have all of them as a child, but, thanks to eBay, my children now have almost the whole set (well, we’re waiting for three of them to arrive but you know what I mean).

There are 14 books in the set and here’s a photo of 9 of them. My children have really been enjoying them this last week as they’ve arrived.

I have several emails in my inbox that I need to reply to - if you’re still waiting to hear from me I will get round to it soon, I promise!

Finally, here’s a sunset photo. It doesn’t quite pick up the beautiful colours out there, the sky was blue, pink and yellow striped. One of the lovely things about where we live is the amazing sunsets we can see, and the way the dining room is often lit by the pink light as the sun sets.


Jacqui said...

Ooh - we have the oliver onion book - DD1 loved it. :)
Nice photo. xx

Pippa said...

I'm sure I had one or two of those books when I was little too!! I didn't know they were written by a 9yo!!

I love Lincolnshire sunsets!! We might be lacking in mountains, but we get our value out of the sun and this time of year, they're prettier than ever I think!

Laura said...

I loved those books!

*heads to ebay*


Emma said...

Hi Lucie :) Gosh, I remember those books! Makes me feel old!lol... Looks like you've had a fun few days! :)