Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I uploaded some photos to go with my last post but they got lost somewhere so here they are. Alfie on his birthday and Barney wearing an outfit I made. I quite like it and as it was so easy I might make him another one.


Pippa said...

That outfit that Barney is wearing is really lovely!! It looks like a very expensive set from one of those lovely baby catalogues - you should think about making them to sell!

I know what you mean about being nervous about cutting into expensive fabric. I want to use the Cath Kidston fabric I bought, but I daren't, in case I waste it!!

Amelie said...

i love that outfit too!! it realy looks like one of the sets from blooming marvellous! what pattern did you use?
i have to admit i've been reading this blog for a wee while. i love it!!

Lucie said...

It's New Conceptions Baby Essentials - there's also a pattern for a crossover top as well which I made for Sophie when she was a baby. The hat is a really basic one I made the pattern for myself, it's just two semi-circles and a rectangle. There is a hat with the pattern as well. Will see if I can find a photo of Sophie wearing her version of it.

Becks said...

Lovely outfit, I wish I could do something like that.
You are very talented.
And I get scared cutting into any fabric, I would be having palpitations if I were to buy anything truly lovely or expensive!