Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The weather here has been really lovely recently. I have to admit not liking it when it’s too hot outside but fortunately our living room is usually fairly cool in the summer. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it being an old house?

Today the temperature display on my car read 33 degrees at one point! Even my air conditioning was struggling to keep us cool. One of the feeds I subscribe to is for the met office weather warnings and for he last two weeks or so I’ve been getting a daily warning of heavy rain but so far it still hasn’t happened and the forecast is really good until the end of the week when we will apparently get some rain.

One of our chickens has gone broody again - she does it every year and it usually lasts several weeks. Normally it doesn’t bother the other hens but for some reason this year it does seem to have put them off laying in the nesting box. They must be laying somewhere but we have no idea where - one disadvantage of having birds that like to get out of the pen and wander freely. It’s probably down in the dyke between our house and next door but we don’t fancy getting down there to look so we’ll never know. It’s a bit of a nuisance though as I have a bit of a thing going with a couple of friends where I give them eggs and they give us lovely fresh veg from their gardens. Last week we had some gorgeous strawberries, cabbage, broccoli and lettuce. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m going to get tomorrow for my half dozen eggs (should have been a dozen but as I say, I have no idea where the others are).

Tomorrow is a big day for Ellie - she’s spending the day at her new school. I think she’s quite excited about it. I still can’t quite believe that’s another one of my children going up to big school. As they like to say on that awful programme “Me too” - where did the time go???

And talking of Me Too - does anyone else think that Tina looks like a man in drag??

I know the cute/funny things your child says are never as cute/funny to anyone else but I’m going to share this one with you - Sophie was telling me the other day that she is “only going to have 5 children”. It made me laugh that to her 5 isn’t many whereas to most people it’s loads.

No photo again today I’m afraid. I will try and post one next time.

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Pippa said...

Only five children - that's sweet. You'll be a wonderfully busy granny if your children 'only' have five each!!

I agree about the weather, it's too hot!!!!!! I'm looking at weather reports too and hoping for rain. My water butts are getting low and could do with a topping up Good excuse to stay indoors and watch tennis though!