Monday, 8 February 2010

As it’s Amos’s birthday on Wednesday and we have only got him a very cute Paul Frank Julius the monkey set with a bottle (shock horror!), dummy (double shock horror!!!!!), bib and something else that I can’t remember in it we decided to have a quick trip over to Peterborough to get him a Piggy Bank toy that I’d seen and though he might like from Toys R Us, then nipped into the Queensgate centre to spend my £10 John Lewis voucher on half a pair of Very Hungry Caterpillar Pjs for him (I had to pay for the other half as said Pjs were not cheap!!). Typically they didn’t have a small enough pair for him so we cunningly went for the 3-4 years size thinking that Alfie can wear them first and then we would get our money’s worth (we did consider buying the even bigger size so we could get three children’s worth of wear out of them but we just know that Jack wouldn’t be seen dead in them and anyway by the time Amos got them they’d be wrecked.)

If Alfie refuses to wear them then they will just have to go away for him - I don’t need a crystal ball to predict that in about 6 years time we will come across them during a big clear out and go “oh, no, we forgot to get these out for Amos when he was three” and put them away for a grandchild (only for our adult grandchildren to be clearing out the house after we have gone and wonder why on earth their grandparents had an unworn pair of Caterpillar Pjs stashed away in their house.)

So, he has a couple of nice things to open from us, hopefully I will remember to get him one of those “That’s not my ……” books too as he likes a couple of the ones we have.

I was going to go to the gym after we got home but I am soooo tired I decided not to go - really, can’t keep my eyes open tired. I’m being picked up for a works night out in less than two hours so a sleep is out of the question. It’s our leaving do so I should go really. Hopefully it will be a good night. And hopefully not too late as I am at work at 7.30 tomorrow morning (thank god the coffee is on tap!!)

The idea is that I can have a drink - I might have one but no more than that. I am not risking doing anything that has everyone saying “do you remember when Lucie ……. on that meal we went to???” for years to come.

I will make up for my slackness by going to the gym on Saturday instead (I was actually going to go first thing this morning and was all ready to go but then we decided on the Peterborough trip instead. Is this the first sign that my dedication may be waning???)


Aimee said...

Gosh Lucie I can not believe that its Amos' birthday tomorrow. It was also my due date so I remember it fondly!
Harris too loves the "its not my" books. I have not bought him anything for his birthday. I am a loss what to give him. I might pop into work this week as the book man has left a set of Allan and Janet Alhberg books, I am sure they were only 10£! I remember the happy family books from when I was a child.
Have a great day tomorrow. x

Pippa said...

I hope Amos is having a lovely birthday Lucie!! Toys R Us is hell on earth isn't it, but sometimes you just have to go there, glad that you got to go to Queensgate afterwards though.

I don't think your dedication to the gym is waning at all, I'm in awe of the way you've stuck to it and it reminds me shamefully of when I joined the gym in Spalding and went TWICE before losing interest!!

I hope you had a lovely night out too!

Laura said...

Didn't realise til now you must be near to ne. I live on outskirts of Peterborough. I'm addicted to John Lewis yarn dept and the health food shop in the arcade! X