Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sorry I’ve been so slack at writing again. Some days I wonder if I should write about even the more boring mundane days of my life as well as the slightly more interesting stuff. Do you want to hear about the mundane stuff??

I have a busy week at work coming up. I’m doing 29 hours instead of my usual 12 because we’re getting more short staffed. Two people have left since New Year and one person is on holiday. I’m not complaining, the money will be nice. Next Sunday is my final shift there - I’m on holiday the following week and then we close.

I’m hoping to find something else soon, but there isn’t a lot out there, especially not for someone with as little experience as me - people go on about how being a mother is the most important job in the world yet it counts for absolutely zilch in the real world of employment, in fact, it counts against you when you’re trying to get back to work.

I’m really enjoying going to the gym five days a week. I’m doing lots of classes and having a session with a PT once a week too (not costing me anything so I’d be mad to decline). I am starting to actually feel a difference now - when I put my hands on my hips there is less to hold on to and I can feel my hip bones. I’ve also developed muscles in my arms which I’m very proud of - they’re still barely noticeable to most people but I can see them, lol

I’ve set myself a target for reaching my final goal - the end of April - so I am totally focussed on reaching it at the moment. I’m starting to make friends at the gym as well which is nice - it’s a bit depressing to go somewhere like that and see other people chatting away and not having anyone to even say hello to. But now I see at least one person to at least say hello to when I go. And there’s usually someone to chat to, or have a coffee with after a class. I also spotted one of the mums from school the other day too which was nice, especially as her daughter is friends with one of mine.

Amos is almost a year old already! He’s such a lovely little baby, and doing really well. He is still commando crawling everywhere but can get on his knees to reach higher up things. He’s just started pointing to what he wants or where he wants to go which is really cute.

He wasn’t well last week, his temps went up to over 104 a few times and he still has a cough lingering. I might take him to the doctors this week if he is still coughing as I’m a bit worried about it - he’ll have big coughing fits and it sounds quite wet IYSWIM? Amusingly, he has a spike of hair that goes flat when he’s not well and then perks up again when he’s feeling better.

I’m working all day on his birthday which is a shame but I’m sure he won’t care or notice. We’ll have a cake though and a little tea party. Then on Friday we’ll be having a tea party and cake all over again for Eleanor who is going to be 12.

I’m looking forward to having half term week at home with the children. I think we’re going to have to organise some day trips out somewhere and actually do something. We usually end up staying at home and doing nothing in the school holidays which must get boring for the children. I think there are quite a few places we could go that are free.

I’m also hoping to get the caterpillar quilt finished soon as well. I keep saying I’ll do it when the tidying is done, I will finish it soon though and then it’s not gathering dust on the back of my chair anymore, making me feel guilty!!!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, whatever you’ve been doing.

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