Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I got some very nice post today. A few weeks ago I ordered some patterns from Oliver and S and was getting a bit worried that they hadn’t arrived. A card came through the door saying I have a packet that owed £21 in Customs charges on it - ouch!!! Well, it was my patterns which the PO have had since Tuesday of last week! How did it take so long for them to bring the card round??? And what is worse, of the £21 charge, £8 was Royal Mail’s handling fee!!! I am now worrying the other parcel I have coming from the US is going to get caught as well.

Anyway, despite being stung, I am very pleased with the patterns and can’t wait to make something with them. They also come with a little paper doll to cut out and play with but I think they might be too nice for that.

Easter weekend went ok. The usual quiet time as we don’t celebrate Easter in any way other than getting the children an Easter egg each. Oh, ok, I had one too.

Yesterday was the start of my diet - I am fed up of my maternity trousers, nice as they are. I want to get back into my old clothes again. I’m not telling you how much I weighed but it was too much. I enjoy this diet most of the time (I did it two years ago and lost 4 stone) although I am finding it a little bit hard at the moment as I am so used to eating chocolate and other junk all the time so it’s getting out of that habit that is going to be tricky.

Otherwise things are quiet here. I am currently reading a book on vaccinations a friend has lent me. Hmm, it’s got me even more confused than I was. I haven’t had S, J and A immunised and am fairly confident in my decision but at the moment I’m wavering. It all started last week when I took Barney for his 8 week check and the Dr assumed I’d be having him “done”. I didn’t say I wasn’t as I was so tired and couldn’t face a discussion about it, but then he went off to see if the nurse was ready for us - thankfully she wasn’t and I escaped. But for some reason it set me off thinking about it. The book isn’t really changing my mind on it, apart from for the diphtheria vax, but then you are never going to get anything that is impartial are you? It’s hard. I’m sure I’m doing the right thing, but you can’t help but wonder can you?

I managed to do some sewing the other day as well - I made Pjs for Alfie which he wasn’t too keen on at first. I like them but for some reason the sleeves are too short. No photos, and they’ve been wrecked with chocolate cereal milk down the front already. Hey ho! Also made another hat for Barney with some of the offcuts. So that’s another metre of fabric de-stashed!!

I’m thinking of changing the blog’s name - it doesn’t really reflect what I tend to write about because the original intention was for it to be about Millie and her being diagnosed with Aspergers. But she isn’t going to be and I talk about other stuff instead. However, I don’t know if it will still appear in subscriber’s feeds if I do change the name. Does anyone know? I’d hate to change it and no one be able to find it again.

Talking of Aspergers though - I am more and more convinced I have Aspergers. Everything I read about it makes me go “hey, I do that” or “that’s just like me”. I’m not going to go down the route of official diagnosis, there’s no point, but it is quite nice to know why I am the way I am.

Anyway, that is it for now. Barney will be back any time now - he’s gone to Asda with his dad and Robbie - so that will be my peace and quiet time up.

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Sarah said...

What Oliver+S patterns did you get? I've bought the Tea Party playsuit one (i think thats what its called) through a co-op. It hasn't arrived yet though. I'm going to use it to make R some summer outfits. Sorry that you had to pay so much in customs charges! Mine are coming in a fairly large parcel so I'll probably have to pay customs too. Boo!!!