Friday, 24 April 2009

Two birthdays

Blimey, it’s been over a week since I updated.

So far our nights have been great. Barney settles down to sleep between midnight and 1am and then wakes for a feed every 2 - 3 hours. Ok, it’s not as good as an unbroken nights sleep but I’m happy. I’m actually getting some sleep at night and am able to get up as a proper time and stay up until bedtime. Hurray!! Keep it up son!

On Monday I had a friend round with her children. There were 13 children in the house but it was very civilised and they all got on really well. My lot really enjoyed having some other children to play, and it was lovely that the visitors were all so beautifully behaved and polite. They’re welcome back any time.

Tuesday was back to school, although we discovered that actually Robbie should have gone back the previous day. Whoops!! I can’t keep up with 4 different schools!

It was a big day for Jack - his first day at big school. Before the holidays he was adamant he wasn’t going to a new school but as we bought his uniform, shoes and lunch box he got more and more excited. Before they went he said, “Soph’s [his nickname for Sophie] we’re going to big school today!” Sadly I didn’t get a photo of him in his uniform as he wasn’t having any of that, but he does look so cute.

He had a great time, absolutely loved it and we’ve had no problems with him going all week. Sophie looks after him as he’s in her class and of course she reports back to us what he’s up to.

Tuesday was also Bethany’s 16th birthday which is a bit of a milestone isn’t it? I’ve been a parent for 16 years. That’s nearly half my life. And it makes me feel really old. I think she had a nice day.

Today is Millie’s birthday. She’s 9 now. It doesn’t seem like that long since she was born and we had all that stress over her being so ill. I have photos from then that I want to scrapbook one day but I find it hard to look at them at the moment. She got some lovely presents which she’s very pleased with.

So we’ve had two parties this week - we don’t need to invite other children round as we’ve got enough to have a little party ourselves, lol - and of course two cakes which have been very tempting but I am being strong as I am determined to lose my weight.

Also today I went to meet a friend at Starbucks for a coffee which was lovely. Sadly I could only stay an hour as I had to get back for one of the school pick-ups.
But, while I was there I was chatting to the bloke that works there about archaeology (he’s an archaeologist) and mentioned my Time Team obsession and told him I wanted to dig up my garden. I thought he was joking when he said he could get a team together to come and dig it up for me, but it turned out he wasn’t so they’re coming to dig some test pits next week. I am really excited about it - I just hope they do find something though. It will be embarrassing if they don’t! And maybe they can tell me some more about those badges - I found another one the day after I posted my last entry.

I think that’s it for now. Not made anything this week, but hopefully I will get some knitting or sewing done this weekend.

Until next time, take care.

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Pippa said...

Happy Birthday Millie!! That's another great thing about large families - lots of birthdays to celebrate throughout the year!!