Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday morning

It’s 3.30am. Need I say more about that?? Ignore the time stamp on the blog entry as it’s not the same as the actual time IYSWIM? Barney is asleep so I am catching up with my emails etc as fast as possible before he wakes up again. It’s not worth me going to bed this morning as Bethany needs to be at school for 8.30 for extra study sessions and then Barney has his 8 week check at 10.10am so I might as well stay up until after that.

My body clock is now completely out of sync. If I were to go to bed now I wouldn’t sleep. Ok, so part of that would be to do with the fact I spent much of yesterday asleep - I went to bed at 8am and slept until 3pm (being woken to feed the baby around 12.30) and then went back to bed at 8pm and got up at midnight. But even if I don’t sleep most of the day I cannot seem to sleep at night. Having the baby in bed doesn’t help. I sleep so lightly when he is there so every noise he makes wakes me up, I worry about covering him up with the quilt so every time I move I wake up as well. Yet I can’t bring myself to put him to sleep in his cradle.

My diet is so unhealthy at the moment as well, mainly to do with the odd hours I keep. It’s just easier to grab something quick to eat and I’m ashamed to say that means crisps, chocolate, toast and magnums. We’ve had a supply of magnums in the freezer which Jack has been helping himself to in the morning when he gets up. He eats it so slowly that I sit there drooling over it (he never takes the hint to offer me a lick!) so I end up having one for breakfast too. I am so overweight I feel horrible. I’m still wearing my maternity trousers and I look pregnant still. So the weight loss diet starts on Monday. I am determined to get back into my normal clothes again as soon as possible.

The Spring Cleaning continued today - got Millie & Sophie’s, Bethany’s and Robbie’s rooms tidied and hoovered. Haven’t painted the girls room yet and I have a feeling we wont get round to it.

At the moment I am knitting Shaun the sheep. I bought a kit for it and after knitting his white bits have quite a bit of white yarn left. It was a 50g ball so I decided to weigh what’s left to see if I will have enough to make a second one. There is 24g…. I have no idea if it actually did weigh 50g before I started so am debating with myself about making a second one in case I run out of yarn. It’s not worth buying another ball for the sake of maybe 2g of wool. I’d probably end up wanting to make a third one to use up the rest of the wool. Don’t suppose any readers have got the kit and have got some of the white left over? It’s Patons fairytale, a bit like Sirdar snowflake.

Right, I am off to finish Shaun’s legs and watch this morning’s Time Team. Have a lovely day - hope it’s another sunny one!


Cybèle said...

If you send me your address I'll put my leftovers in a jiffy envelope. I still need to send you the felted bowls anyway! (keep forgetting to copy it...)

Cybèle said...

leftovers? Sounds like i'm sending you food! ;-) I meant my snowflake yarn...