Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spring is here

What is it about a bit of Spring sunshine that gets us all in the mood for spring cleaning and de-cluttering our homes and gardens?? Well, I have been bitten by the bug anyway and the great Spring Clean 2009 has begun. I’m not sure the rest of the family are quite as keen on the idea mind you!

My grand plan was to tackle a room a day and basically clean, tidy, sort, declutter and do those unfinished jobs that need doing each one in turn. Hmmm, well, it’s taken two days so far on our bedroom and en-suite. Not because it’s so awful but because I’m up all night with the baby I tend to be asleep until lunchtime (considering I go to bed at 7 or 8am I think I can be forgiven!) so nothing gets done until mid afternoon.

Anyway, our bedroom is now cleaned and sorted. I got rid of loads of clothes that I either don’t like or don’t fit, including some maternity clothes that I didn’t wear this time round. The bathroom has been painted at last and the blind is going up tomorrow.

Tomorrow I think we will try and tackle Jack’s room (general cleaning and the border replaced) and the girls room (probably needs a few dozen bin liners as well as the walls repainted).

In other news this week - Jack’s new school had a meeting for the parents of the children starting in September. They are able to take those children who are already 4 after Easter. In two weeks. Yes, my little boy starts school in 2 weeks!!!! So that’s a set of uniform and shoes to add to the list of things to do this fortnight.

That, I think, is it for now. Sorry there are no photos. Have a good week (or however long it is before I get round to writing again).

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Pippa said...

Good luck with the cleaning. I actually love having a real good sort out and de-clutter, you can almost feel the house breathing a sigh of releif!!