Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Encouraged by another blog I read, I had my colours done today. I’ve wanted to have it done for years and never got round to it but before Christmas I enquired with a local Colour Me Beautiful Consultant about booking a session and well, today I had it.

I have to admit to being a bit nervous - was she going to take one look at me and announce my hair is totally the wrong colour for me and my clothes made me look washed out?? What do you wear to one of these sessions??

Helen was really lovely. She has a room dedicated to her job and it was so relaxing and beautifully decorated - I want a room just like it. My hair (which is getting redder and redder with each hairdressers appointment) is a great colour apparently, but needs to be a warmer red if possible. So that was a relief. I think my top was the wrong colour too but never mind (and I can always wear a scarf with it).

I now know all the colours which suit me - and it was amazing to see just what a difference the right colour made to my face as opposed to the wrong colour. Yes, there are some disappointment - I absolutely love bright pink and it’s a no no for me. But I can still wear bright red which is great. Some of the colours I didn’t like but they made me look really well, so I am going to have to be brave and get some.

Helen also went through my make-up and sorted it into two piles - one that suits me and one that doesn’t. The no pile was bigger than the yes, and typically the items I use every day were in the no pile. But it is such a relief to know what will look good on me, and even a relief to have so much less make-up too. It was taking up 2 shelves in my bathroom cupboard, now it fits into one make-up bag.

I do have a (small!!) shopping list of a few bits I could do with getting which I will treat myself to one day.

If you’re in Lincolnshire and fancy having a session then I highly recommend Helen. She also does style makeovers (which I am going to have when I have finished losing the weight), will go shopping with you and is even a therapist and does reflexology. Her website is:

Since September I’ve lost 2 stone in weight which I’m really pleased about although I do have about another two stone to go. I had my hair cut off and coloured - I’d love to be brave enough to go the same colour as Jane Goldman (Mrs Jonathan Ross), maybe one day I will!! Another boost to my confidence was getting my job. I’m loving going to the gym as well - I surprised myself tonight when I found that I was at the front of the class, by choice and not because everyone else had beaten me to the back. I can’t wait until I’ve lost the rest of my weight as I know it will be another boost to my confidence.

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Pippa said...

Two stone since September is fantastic, well done!! The makeover lady sounds like good fun. I used to love watching 'What Not To Wear' when it was on the telly. People don't realise how much clothing identifies us and shapes our confidence. When I'm feeling down in the dumps, I usually put on tatty old stuff which doesn't do my confidence or mood any good at all, but wearing something that fits, suits and shows off your best assets, makes you feel worthy again and lifts the spirits. That's what I've found anyway. Can remember once when I was really down, living on my own and had just split up from a four year relationship. I spent £40 (which was a lot for me back then) in one clothing shop. Guess which one? Army surplus!! That says A LOT about my mood back then!! Good for you, enjoy those shopping trips and if you need someone to help carry the bags ........