Friday, 8 January 2010

Today it has snowed, and I have sewed!! Yes, really. I have actually made something, but it's not finished yet so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for photos.

It snowed very heavily here - I managed to persuade Alfie that he really did want to go to playschool this morning but by the time we had got into the car it was blizzarding down so we went back indoors. When we got back into the house I looked outside and the car was completely white again. I think it was a good choice!!

This afternoon was lovely though, very cold, but bright, so I went for a nice walk around the village and ended up chatting to an old man outside his house for nearly an hour. He was lovely, but very lonely and I felt really sorry for him. He's 91 and his wife died 8 years ago and since then he's just been desperate to die so he can be with her again. He goes to the crematorium every day no matter what the weather to see her and every night says "I love you" to her photo. They were her last words to him and he hopes they can be his last words too.

He did have some village gossip though some of which was slightly disappointing. The old man who lives next door to us is always having visits from an old lady, or he's always at her house or driving her somewhere. We call her Elsie and were convinced she was his girlfriend. Sadly not, she's his sister-in-law. No idea if she's really called Elsie though - I would laugh if she is!!

Then there was a discussion about something on Facebook that led to me being inspired enough to start on my own version. I have almost finished the main part of it and will almost certainly get it done tomorrow, especially as I'm not going in to work.

It's gone 11pm and I actually don't want to go to bed yet - I want to keep on sewing which can only be a good sign, and I am planning to get more projects done this weekend. One of them has been sitting in the cupboard for over 6 years. Ok, it's not going to be quite what was planned originally - it was going to be a strippy quilt (yes, strippy, not stripey) but it's now just going to be a simple square patchwork.

Anyway, that's your sneak preview of tomorrow's post. No photos, but if you just imagine lots of white, you'll be there.

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Pippa said...

OOh, I like the sound of you sewing!! If I hadn't met you, I'd have never had all the fun with my sewing machine that I've had this year, I can't imagine not sewing now, but it's all thanks to you and the beautiful things you make. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

How sad about the old man you met. When I worked in Hills, there were always lots of old ladies trailing around near closing time. They used to walk round town all day, just for company and to put off having to go home. They'd sit for hours over one cold cup of tea, it was heartbreaking.