Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I forgot to mention the other day that I have found a home for my treadle sewing machine. Normally we have the dining table in front of the window in the dining room - it leaves loads of floor space for the children to play and makes the room look huge (it is a big room but it has so much furniture in it it looks smaller than it really is). At Christmas we move the table so it’s lengthways down the room and the tree goes in front of the window. We lose a lot of floor space so I prefer the table by the window.

However, I’ve decided to leave the table where it is and put the sewing machine in front of the window instead as we don’t really have anywhere else for it to live. It’s better in the dining room too as there is more chance of me actually using it (new belt is on order from eBay so I will finally be able to try it very soon!!)

As you can see in the photo it has become a really handy place to have my laptop. The power lead has become loose and it only needs to be looked at to fall out and switch my computer off (we took the battery pack out a while ago because it was causing it to switch off all the time). On the table it stays in, the laptop stays cool and it also means I can do my computer stuff in peace as it’s nice and quiet in here.

So, even if I never use the sewing machine for sewing, it does make a nice desk for me!!

Here’s a photo of the view from here as well. It’s a bit white at the moment, but when the sun is starting to set the sky goes a lovely colour and it’s nice to just sit and look at it.

Sometimes when you read other peoples blogs you get the false impression that their life is wonderful and they don’t have problems, and their children are little angels. Let me tell you, that isn’t always the case!!! My children had got into the habit of not going to sleep until after midnight and then not getting up until midday. At 2.30am the other morning after going up countless times to Jack and Alfie to nicely ask them to get back into bed I ended up screaming at them to GET INTO BED AND GO TO SLEEP NOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW. Funnily enough it worked, although Jack slept until 1pm. Poor Alfie had to get up early for his first day at playschool (which went really well, hopefully his next session will do too) I suspect they will be asleep and stay asleep fairly quickly tonight as it’s the first day back.

Unlike what seems to be the entire rest of the country we don’t have deep snow. In fact we barely have any. I am hoping we get some very soon, I love it when it snows. But it is really cold at the moment, so much so that even my new sheepskin slippers (I know, I said I wasn’t buying anything this year but I needed them) aren’t keeping my feet as warm as I would like. I think I’m going to have to move one of the portable heaters in here.

And talking of slippers, aren’t these cute. Yes, I know, but Amos does need something to keep his feet warm too. They are so gorgeously soft that I am very jealous mine weren’t as strokable!!

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Pippa said...

Very cute little boots!!

My lot are always late going to bed. And once I get the little blighters into bed, they are often still reading when I put my own light out!! They are always the last to get up too. I get really ratty when they are still messing about and not getting into jimjams come nine o'clock. It's nice to have a bit of peace and quiet once they've gone to bed, but it's a rare thing nowadays.