Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Ok, so yesterday I mentioned big changes and now I can say a bit more about them. The first one was Jack’s playschool moved to a new site, which isn’t really big news I know, but for a 4 year old it was big. He was very unsure when we got there and asked me to stay with him - however, once he got inside the new building and saw all the familiar ladies and children he was quite happy and went into his new room without a backwards glance. I was a little worried in case he suddenly panicked because I wasn’t still there but he came out as happy as Larry telling me about the new road (which I assume is a new road layout for them to play with the toy cars on) and that the “old schoolhouse is broken” which is why they have moved.

The bigger change was that we have moved Millie and Sophie to another primary school. We have been considering it for some time, since before the summer holidays, but decided that we were definitely going to do it last term for various reasons to do with the new head at the school. I was on the panel that appointed her and I was the only person who said we shouldn’t employ her but obviously the majority vote had to win. There was a point where I thought, no, I was wrong, but various events have made me realise I was right in my instincts.

So we have moved them to a school that we feel will serve their needs far better than where they were. It’s a smaller school (a third of the size) and only three classes. We were a little concerned about Millie and her problem with change but she had a fantastic time, loved it and best of all has apparently made lots of new friends - she had no friends at the one they were at. So, despite my worries about were we making the right decision I am really pleased we did.

Ellie is staying where she is as she couldn’t decide what to do, she has a group of friends she will miss and she only has a few months left there anyway. If she changes her mind later in the school year we will move her as well.

Week two of work on the bathroom started today which is great. I think it will be finished by Friday, or if not then it’s only going to be a matter of grouting, but from the look of what S did today I think it will be completed. It looks fantastic already, I really really love the tiles although I have discovered a slight downside of tiled floors - it is blooming cold on the feet!!!!!

Did I mention my new bedding is here? I always have new bedding when I have a new baby, it’s my treat (not that finally getting to hold m gorgeous newborn in my arms isn’t treat enough of course) so I am pleased about that, although the bottom sheet is going to take 2-4 weeks…. With a bit of luck it will be sooner than that and more importantly sooner than the baby!!!!

I’m starting to get that urge to get everything ready now, I keep thinking that we should maybe get the baby clothes out of the loft at least, even if they just have to sit in their box for another week or so, at least they would be to hand if we needed them. But at the same time I don’t feel that anything is likely to happen for weeks anyway. Oh why oh why can someone not invent a way of knowing exactly when a baby will arrive (other than planned c-sections of course).

While lying awake last night I started thinking about my New Years Resolution to not buy stuff just because I want it, and the difference between wants and needs. I was thinking I should start a list of what I havent bought just to see how much I havent spent this year. For example I read on the internet that TKMaxx have got tots bots nappies at £25 a pack and I was so tempted to go and get them, so much so I was all ready to go down there the other day when I realised that actually, I don’t NEED any more nappies. Yes, they are a bargain, and yes, they would be lovely to have but they are just a want, and a prime example of my attitude towards spending. I think that already this year (and yes, it’s only the 6th) I could have spent £100 on wants.
In the past I have found myself deciding to buy things that I really want telling myself that I’ll just buy these things and that will be it. But it never is, is it? A few weeks or months later there is more stuff that I convince myself is the last thing I will buy and so it continues.

I want(!!) - ok, need - to sit and make a list of all the things I want to achieve. Ok, these wants are allowed as they don’t cost anything! How do I want my life to be? Do I want to spend my life aquiring things that are going to make my life complete (yet never do) or do I want to do more important things like spending time with my children (spending time with them that instead I have to spend tidying up and cleaning my over abundance of stuff). Going to the country park for a walk is a lovely thing to want to do, and is probably a need as well - a need to spend time with the family, a need to get out in the fresh air, a need to take time out and just be.

I’m going to have a list of wants, that I will add to as they come up, and I will review it from time to time. I can almost guarantee that most of them will be deleted during the reviews because it was just a spur of the moment thing. And if they are still there after a few list reviews, well, it means that for once I will have a list of things I’d actually like for Christmas! We didn’t buy presents this Christmas for each other. Why? Because every year we struggle to make a list because when we want something we just go out and buy it anyway.

So, I will get round to this list of what I want to achieve one day and then maybe post it here.

Hope you’re feeling as positive this New Year as I am - and I hope it lasts for us too!!

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Becks said...

Positive, spend free new years thoughts all round.
And hope the school changes work out for you. Scary time hoping it's the best option.