Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Little update

I thought I’d post a little update - no news baby wise yet I’m afraid. I’m 39 weeks today so still plenty of time, but it would be nice if the baby could arrive tomorrow as it’s Craig’s 40th birthday. Sorry, I mean 21st birthday….

I have been doing a little bit of crafting - I made a blanket for the baby from some Silk garden I had. I did have to order another ball of it to finish it off and that arrived on Monday so I knitted away furiously and had it finished on Monday night.

While I was making the last pair of socks Jack kept asking me to make him some so I have cast those on but just can’t seem to get up the enthusiasm to get on with them. I’ve done a little bit, and he’s very excited but I haven’t done any of them today.

Last year I made a resolution with myself to do at least a bit of crafting every day and I think I have stuck to that (I can’t recall any days where I’ve done nothing but there probably are one or two). Even if all I do is 10 minutes of the crochet I keep in the car I can at least say I’ve done something. I’ve got a blanket as my on the move project and will do a bit while waiting for the children to come out of school. I’m hoping it will be finished fairly soon as I know I’m not going to have quite so many opportunities to get on with it very soon. It’s one of those projects I know I would get bored with if I sat in front of the TV at home with it so the fact it’s taking me forever doesn’t bother me too much as I just think of it in 10 minute slots.

I always tell myself I can’t use my sewing machine in the evenings as it will disturb the boys because it’s under their bedrooms but tonight I sewed the badges onto Sophie’s new Rainbow’s jacket and realised it’s not that noisy after all so used it to make the hearts in the photo. I have made one for each member of the family and each one contains a little heart shaped note telling them how much I love them. I plan to hang them on bedroom door handles on Valentine’s Day. I’m feeling very pleased that I have now got them finished and it’s another thing to tick off my mental to-do list. I just hope none of them read this before 14th Feb!!! The hearts are just made from felt and ribbon. The stitching isn’t great but hey, so what, that’s not the important thing. The important thing is they are made with love.

I do have a confession to make. You know my “don’t buy things that I want just because I want them, I must actually need them” thing? I’ve broken it and I do feel a bit bad. I keep reading that TKMaxx have Tots Bots nappies and I did stop myself from going to see a few weeks ago. But then someone told me that my local store actually did have them in stock and we went to see. And bought some. Not the small pack of five either but the big bag of 20 nappies plus wraps and liners. No we don’t need them but they seemed like such a fantastic bargain we couldn’t leave them behind. I know, I know, I’ve no willpower. But they are soooo lovely and soft and white. I don’t want to use them, lol They’re too lovely to be pooed in!

But I do feel bad enough about it that I will think harder before I buy anything else. And I won’t go back for one of the packs of five fluffles or whatever they’re called. I promise. Honest.

This week I met up with some of the girls from one of my online groups which was lovely. It’s now the third time we’ve met up and we’ll hopefully meet again in two weeks (depending on whether any of our babies have arrived).

So, that’s it for now. Hope you’re having a good week and that you have a good weekend.


Cybèle said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your baby news!! Keeping fingers crossed it'll be soon.
Did you see these they're really sweet too and you could make them with the children.
I've had a sock for Nils on the go for, well forever! or so it feels.

Anonymous said...

I think I will be checking on your baby progress a bit more regularily now that the birth is so imminent ;) I hope all goes well.
If you find the time and the inclination (I appreciate that late pregnancy is a time for prioritising) then I have a tree of happiness award for you on my blog.
Love & light,