Saturday, 31 January 2009

Happiness is......

...time to sew, fabric, something fun to make, coffee, chocolate biscuits and a plate of profiteroles.... There's a shot of my guilty quilty fabric too which I now don't feel so bad about.


Claire said...

Keep checking buy to see if you have birthed your wee one :)

Lovely fabric too!

Lots of gentle and joyful birthing vibes to you mama,


Laura said...

That table looks so inviting! Can i join you for a crafternoon? lol.
Thinking of you and your newest little one.


C said...

Looks like bliss to me Lucie! Thinking of you lots and joining Claire in sending those peaceful birthing vibes!
Thankyou so much for tagging me - I just checked in and found out and have updated my blog accordingly!
Thanks so much. Enjoy these last few days of your pregnancy.
Much love,

Lucie said...

Oooh, yes please come and join me!! It would be lovely to sit and craft with company (and some inspiration, lol)