Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year, New Starts

I noticed the photo of Jack’s blanket makes it look different to how it does in real life! It’s actually more blue and green and darker than in the photo. I think I prefer the photo version!

Well, we‘re getting into the New Year. A fresh start and all that. We took the tree down on New Years Day which left us with a big space. We had to rearrange the lounge to create space for the tree with the intention of it going back once the tree had gone but we actually like the new layout so we’re going to keep it. In place of the tree we have moved my nursing chair into the room. I’m finding sitting on the sofa a bit uncomfortable - or getting up out of it anyway, so having a more upright chair is nice. I have visions of me sitting by the fire and knitting and connecting in some way to my online circle of friends.

I have been doing some sewing - I made a beanbag (see photo) and some hats for the new baby. One was way too small so has been gifted to Baby Annabel (yes, that is how small it was) and another may still be too small but we shall see. I love the fabric I’ve used, it’s so soft, that I want to make something else with it but I’m not sure what. Probably a little jacket or sleep suit.

Otherwise not a lot else has happened here. I’ve been trying (and failing!!) to sleep. I’m sure late pregnancy insomnia is your body’s way of preparing you for the sleepless nights but hey come on, I’ve had enough practise in the past, let me get as much sleep as I possibly can while I can!!! Craig has bought me a Paul McKenna book “I can make you sleep” which I will have to read if I have another night like last night (didn’t get to sleep until 6am!) I have a feeling that at the end of the CD that comes with it he probably says something along the lines of “if you’re not asleep now then there’s no hope for you”!

The children go back to school tomorrow and I know I sound like a stuck record but “I can’t believe the holidays have gone so fast!” We didn’t do very much but the children were quite happy to stay home and just amuse themselves so I don’t feel too bad about it. The only thing I am annoyed about is I didn’t get round to buying Sophie a new Rainbow uniform as she really needs one.

Tomorrow there are some big changes afoot which I will go into more detail about in my next installment. They are both scary and exciting at the same time though.

And that’s it really for now. Hope your New Year is starting off well and that the whole year is a good one.

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