Monday, 12 January 2009

Nesting nesting 123

First of all an apology. I didn’t spell check my last entry so sorry if there were any mistakes in it. And apologies for no photos again this time round.

Well, it’s the start of the second week at the new school for the girls. They love it! Millie is so much happier than she was at the old school and Sophie says she likes it better too. I’m so pleased, it was a really scary decision to make, even up to that first morning I was thinking maybe we should just leave them where they were, but like so many scary decisions I’ve made in the past it’s turned out to be the right one.

On Friday I went to a Steiner group which was lovely. I used to go but stopped as it is so far away but have missed it so much I started back again. As if that wasn’t nice enough one of the most lovely people on the planet was there!!! I was so pleased to see her, she’s an online friend that I’ve met a few times now. So that was my day made for me!!

I spent the weekend cleaning and tidying - I think I can safely say nesting has started!! The bathroom wasn’t finished last week - it almost was but then someone walked on the newly laid floor tiles and made them go crooked so they had to be taken up and re-laid - but I was desperate to get the bedroom sorted out that I decided we’d just move all the bathroom stuff into the dining room. Of course, this meant I had to tidy the dining room first. But could I just do a tidy and clean? Nope! I started with my sewing desk and cleared a lot of stuff from there (when I say cleared I mean cleared out) then I moved on to the under stairs cupboard which was full of piles of fabric which then led on to me clearing out and sorting my fabric boxes at the top of the stairs. So, all my fabric is now in clearly labelled boxes (which actually makes me feel better about owning it), loads got cleared out and listed for sale (if you’re interested in any let me know), the under stairs cupboard is now tidy and has a lot less in it too.

I’ve got rid of loads and loads of stuff which makes me feel good as well - books, magazines, a dehydrator which has sat under my sewing desk for nearly 2 years. The room looks so much better. And I cleared out under my sewing desk which is a new one as it’s had stuff under there since we moved in, but it’s gone and looks so much nicer. And I sorted all my yarn so I know exactly what I have which is also nice, and it’s to hand not in lots of bags and boxes.

So, once all that was done (which took nearly two days) I could clear out our bedroom. Not so much to get rid of but we pulled the bed out and cleared out under and behind it then moved it over to create some room for the baby’s cradle (which will almost certainly be used to store my magazines/snacks/laptop/clothes within easy reach while I am having my couple of weeks in bed after the birth). It feels so much nicer in there now and I’m sleeping so much better than I had been.

We got all the baby clothes etc out as well and they have been sorted and put away. So I am now all ready for when the time comes - and feel more relaxed about it happening now. And impatient! Until the weekend I wasn’t ready for the birth and wanted to be pregnant for longer but now I just want it to happen. Sod all the stuff I want to do before the birth!!!

Bathroom news - well, it’s virtually finished!!! Tiles were grouted today and I can use the shower and toilet again but not the bath for another day or so but that’s no loss. We still need to paint it and put up the new blind but it is soooo nice in there. It’s all echoey and new and I just want to sit in there and look at it. It’s my dream bathroom I think. I will post before and after photos next time (I wish I had done before and after photos of the dining room too but didn’t think).
So that it my news I think. There was probably other stuff but I can’t remember now. Hope you’re well and that the next week is a good one for you.

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