Monday, 25 May 2009

First photo taken by Jack.

Today the weather wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday but I did get some washing out. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to drying washing. When the weather gets nice I’ll put the washing out for about a week but then the novelty wears off, and I often forget to bring it in and it spends a week out there before I finally get round to getting it off the line and back into the washing machine (if it’s been rained on in that time). The dryer has been on a few times as well as there just isn’t the room outside for all the washing I do.

I have something else to rehome in my declutter attempts - this scrap booking kit. I’d like £25 ono for it including postage (which is going to be a lot more than the QVC postage as it is so heavy). Contact me at (or my other email address if you have that) if you’d like it. I also have some sewing patterns as well if anyone is interested in those? Contact me as before. They are mainly baby and little girl patterns. And a request - does anyone have any issues of The Knitter magazine they don’t want anymore? I have 3 and 4 but would like the others.

Two of our chickens have died in the last 24 hours. No idea why, they seemed fine, one of them was about 4 years old so not too surprising but the other one was one of our newer ones, although still about 2 years ago. I’m not too bothered about it, I don’t get attached to animals or get sentimental about them, it’s life isn’t it?

Ellie wondered if we could have a pony if all the chickens died - she was most disappointed when I told her that the chicken pen, big as it is, just isn’t big enough for a pony. Not even a Shetland. Not even a sheep (mind you, I’d be happy to rehome one of the sheep from down the road, lol)

Several people whose blogs I read do something called “Book Sharing Monday”. Well, I can’t promise that I will participate every week but here’s my contribution this week. “Ten Tiny Tadpoles” by Debbie Tarbett. Jack and Alfie love this book. It won’t win any literary prizes, the concept it simple counting down from 10 to 1 as one by one the tadpoles are left behind only to be reunited at the end as frogs. I would love to show a photo of the lovely pop up ending, however ours was ripped out a long time ago but the boys still love reading the book over and over again. It’s only of those ones you find you can read to them while doing something else if necessary as it doesn’t take long to learn each one of the rhymes.

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Pippa said...

I love the photos that little children take, always a good thumb close-up!! Barney looks very interested in it too! I have emailed you about the patterns, sounds like you are having a good old sort out, but I think you are very brave, the stamps and scrapbook things sound lovely. I'm a terrible hoarder, maybe I need to follow your example!!