Friday, 22 May 2009

Sheepish surprise

Sometimes I see things others don’t notice, sometimes I don’t notice things that are really obvious.

When we do the school run we can go two ways onto the main road. Neither gets us to school any quicker than the other, but one takes us down a narrow road that often has big lorries and tractors coming in the opposite direction and also has a blind bend so I’m not that keen on going that way. Of course, it’s Millie’s favourite way to go and if she remembers in time will ask if we can go that way instead of the usual way.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we came home the back way and much to my surprise one of the normally open fields had been fenced off and was full of these:

I couldn’t believe there was a field of one of my favourite things so close to our house. What was worse was the fact you can actually see them from our front door but I hadn’t noticed. Admittedly it is a fair way off so it’s not like they’re very obvious but if I actually opened my eyes I’d have seen them. I suppose you get so used to your surroundings you stop noticing them don’t you? So now that’s my favourite way home and we drive past the sheep every day to see how they’re doing. In the evenings all the lambs run round in a little group together which is really really sweet. There’s usually a mummy sheep telling them off for something as well.

My lack of observation doesn’t end there this week. Can you believe I have got to the age of 35 without realising that horse chestnut trees have blossom on them?? I had never noticed before, but now I’ve realised I’m seeing it everywhere. And in another example of synchronicity a blog I read this week mentioned it. I had hoped to get a photo of one of the many trees round here but haven’t yet.

Another thank you to everyone who has ever left a comment on my blog. I read all your blogs too and apologise if I haven’t ever left a comment. Often I can’t think of anything until later and then never quite get round to it. One day I will get round to updating my blog list at the side and add more of the blogs I read. And if you read without having left a comment, thank you to you for reading. J


Cybèle said...

a few years ago we went to the zoo in Amsterdam and watched the monkeys play. There was a 'toddler monkey' who was playing on the rocks near the water, and promptly fell in. His mother came running down from the rock she'd been watching him from, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out, in a very sort of 'I TOLD you not to play there' way, left him to dry and ran back up to her rock.
It was so recognisable!

Jacqui said...

Haha - I only found out about chestnut blossom last Saturday at my bee course - appartently it is a major source of early nectar for the bees - and i am a lot older than you :D xx

Pippa said...

A field of Seans!!! That's the great thing about living in the country, you never know what is coming to a field near you!!