Tuesday, 19 May 2009


One thing I have noticed people online say is how they wish their lives could be like the ones in the blogs they read. How come the bloggers seem to have these wonderfully idyllic lives with no stresses and no losing their temper with their children etc etc? Or how do these mums have the time to knit, sew, bake, garden or whatever while bringing up their family?

I think the answer is probably that all you get to read is the positive stuff and not the negative. I try not to write about the bad days, the losing my temper, the state of my house, getting frustrated with my children in my blog as I don’t expect my readers to want to read all that stuff. But I do hope that no one reads my blog and feels inadequate - how on earth does she knit, sew etc AND bring up 8 children?? Is she supermum?

I can tell you without any doubt I am NOT supermum. I find the time to do my knitting or whatever when the children are at school/asleep/being looked after by my husband. Craig works from home so he helps out an awful lot and often takes the littlest ones out to give me time to get on with something else. My house is a mess. Seriously. Not the kind of mess that some people apologise for (“oh my house is such a state, please ignore it”) when actually it’s spotless, but a general untidiness. It’s not spotlessly clean but it’s not bad either. I don’t think Kim and Aggie would feel it was bad enough for their show. I have to admit to thinking “I really must hoover the floor” a couple of weeks ago and a week later it still needed doing!

I’d just much rather do things I enjoy than spend my life cleaning. My house can be clean and tidy when the children have left home. I don’t get as much time to do my hobbies as it is.
I am feeling a bit negative this week though. Something that happened a while ago is really playing on my mind and causing me to have very negative feelings towards the people concerned and I'm not sure how to move on from it. And I just feel like withdrawing more from some of my online groups. One group I am definately not going back to, and another one I havent posted on for a while and don't really miss it. So I'm probably going to step back from that too. I won't be posting any "I'm leaving" posts - flouncing only makes you look like you are attention seeking and of course if you change your mind you then look stupid when you come back. At least if you just withdraw for a while you can go back and say you needed a little break.

Craftwise I have finished a jumper this week. It’s from a Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book and I’m quite pleased with it. I have started my next thing which is a cardigan for Barney.


Laura said...

Gorgeous jumper. I'm guessing its Noro? I love Noro!

Think you're right about the blogs too. I definitely don't show the mess and bad days on mine. lol.


Pippa said...

This is a lovely post! Firstly, the jumper is really lovely, I bet Barney looks gorgeous in it!

When you first came to my house, I spent hours vacuuming and trying to tidy up weeks worth of mess and neglect!! It's great to see that someone else puts housework below free-time on their list of priorites, but it does mean that my house will be more of a tip the next time you come!! :0)

Becks said...

Hey, if you like a living room full of yarn scraps, knitting projects, fabric, craft magazines, toys, books, then pop in any time you're up this way ;-)
Strangely the tidiest and least dusty part of our home is my craft corner!
Love the jumper. The hood really sets it off. And the ?blanket underneath? The tones work so well.

Claire said...

It sometimes takes me a whole week to think of something positive to put on my blog! No way could I do daily updates!

Another one who has housework way down the list!