Sunday, 17 May 2009

If you’ve read the earliest posts on this blog you’ll know it was set up to document us getting Millie diagnosed with Aspergers. Well, we saw the psychologist on Monday and she gave us a letter she has written to be sent on to the school and our GP stating that she doesn’t believe Millie does have Aspergers and discharged us. She thinks Millie is just immature but doesn’t know why and we need to work on her confidence with things such as her writing and the fact she doesn’t always know the correct words for things even though she knows what they are (I’m like that, often I know stuff in my head but I can’t actually put it into words and explain it to other people). She also said she could see a marked difference in Millie since we moved her to the smaller school.

So, we’re not completely happy with this but she’s the professional and the expert so we have to accept this. Right?

Today we had to go to school to pick Jack up early and the head asked Craig if she could have a quick word. She is also one of Millie’s class teachers (she has two, they job share) so knows her fairly well. She received the letter today and disagrees with it. She is convinced that Millie actually does have Aspergers and if the psychologist had seen Millie at school she would see a lot of evidence for this. Would it be ok if she referred her to the educational psychiatrist?

Apparently Millie has her little routines at school - for example at lunch time she opens her lunch box and sorts her lunch out before she can eat it, and then she makes animals out of the foil.

So, we’re back on the path to getting her diagnosed. If anyone with a child with Aspergers is reading this - did this happen to you as well??

Since I last posted I’ve been to Ikea and Yarn in Notts with a lovely friend of mine. We had a lovely day. Hope we can have another day out soon. I also went to Sheffield to meet up with some of the mums from my Babyworld ante-natal club which was nice as well. The photo isn’t very clear but there are 14 babies there. We had several passers by stop to look when the photo was taken and some even took photos themselves - I wonder what they thought we were all doing??? Barney is third from the left.

I’ve been doing a bit of knitting - I’m making a jumper for Barney which is very simple, but the hood was a bit of a nightmare. And working out how to do twisted rib took me about a week. It doesn’t sound simple does it?? But it is. Hardly any shaping and because it’s so small it’s quick.

Despite spending a weekend cutting out loads of clothes for the children I still haven’t started sewing them. I must try and do some this weekend as the children are getting a bit desperate for Pjs!!!

Yesterday I caught Alfie messing about with my pots of dye. The photo shows what happened when he started crying after I shrieked at him and rushed him into the kitchen to wash his hands - he rubbed his face and turned green, lol

Barney has started “talking” a lot now which is sooooo sweet. He’s such a happy chappy a lot of the time. And nights are getting better. He is still waking every couple of hours but only for about 10 minutes and he’ll go straight back down again. He’s also started sticking his tongue out all the time which is very sweet as well.

I actually started writing this about 2 days ago but life got in the way and I didn’t get back to it. Hey ho!

Anyway, other news is that Beth has started her exams. She had two last week and has three or four this week. It’s scary in some ways that my own daughter is old enough to be doing her exams and leave school. She’s going to 6th form in September and wants to be a games designer. I really hope she succeeds as I think she would be very good at it.

I’m very proud of how she is turning out. She’s very mature in some ways and so good with her younger siblings. I can’t imagine she is going to be in any hurry to have children of her own mind you - she has seen for herself just how hard it is looking after a baby. Today she has been helping Jack and Alfie make cakes (and eat them too!!!)

Yesterday we had a pleasant trip into town so Millie and Ellie could spend their birthday money. Ellie has been slowly spending hers since February but Millie spent all of hers in one shot (ok, admittedly she spent a little more than she actually had, don’t tell Craig!) We went into Waterstones to look at the books and she refused to leave until she had put all their Beast Quest books into the right order. Now you may laugh, but the fact they were out of order irritated me. Not quite enough to sort them out, I have that under control now, but it does make me wonder if I don’t notice a lot of Millie’s “funny ways” because I have them too and so to me they’re not unusual.

On the way home the radio signal went funny and it was making a horrible noise. Millie started having a fit over it because she couldn’t stand it - again, it was irritating me and I was having to try very hard not to shout at Craig to turn it off as well. Is it normal? Or are we just a bit odd???

This afternoon I was meant to be sewing but the dining room is in too much of a mess so I am going to post this and then try and get the sleeve of Barney’s jumper finished so I can start on his cardigan.

There was more I wanted to write but I can’t remember it right now. Hopefully I wont leave it as long till next time!!

PS. Hurray! I have finally worked out how to put photos where I want them in the blog and not just at the top!

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Pippa said...

Great to see your blog again!! The photo of all those babies is really lovely, I'm not surprised other people took photos too!

The little green man made me smile too, he just needs a set of 'deely boppers'!! Hope it washed out eventually!

Balancing what you know about your child and what experts say is really tricky. Nobody knows your child as well as you do, but it's hard to go against what you are told isn't it. I often don't think doctors or other child experts respect the observations of parents.