Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today was a lovely day, one of those “throw all the windows and doors open” days where it was nice to let the house air properly for the first time this year. I love having all the doors and windows open and the house definitely feels like it’s had a chance to breathe a little.

I’ve been really fed up with the state of the lounge recently so decided we would all spend 15 minutes tidying it. After 15 minutes it was almost done so we spent another 5 minutes finishing it off. As the weather was so nice the children spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening in the garden so it stayed tidy as well which was great! I even cleaned the windows so we can see out again (just need our window cleaner to finally come back and do the outsides).

I cleaned and tidied our bedroom as well which hasn’t quite been finished the last few attempts. I even cleared the clothes out of Barney’s cradle so he could in theory now sleep in it. Yeah right!! Last time I tried he screamed and then obviously didn’t trust me not to put him back in it because he wouldn’t settle to sleep properly for the rest of the night. I really ought to put it away as he isn’t going to use it. I should really get rid of it as Alfie and Jack didn’t sleep in it either but I have this stupid attachment to it and can’t bring myself to pass it on. I can’t even bring myself to put it away even though it takes up room in our bedroom and is a nuisance.

We had a barbecue for dinner which was lovely. It’s out third attempt this year - the other times we bought the food and it started raining as soon as we had paid for it! The children helped me make vegetable kebabs and enjoyed eating them - Alfie even ate two “babs”.

I’ve won a prize. I’m not sure exactly what it is but I’m really pleased with myself as I never win anything. So, to celebrate, and also to assist me in my declutter, I’d like to offer something to you my readers. I have a box full of rubber stamps that I never use so I’d like to pass some of them on. Email me with your details at and I’ll send some to the first two people to contact me.

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Pippa said...

Congratulations!! What competition was it??

Yesterday was lovely wasn't it, I think it was probably the first really quite hot day this year and the kind of day I dream about in the middle of Winter.

Our cot is full of Minnie's clothes too!! It's nice to have a good clearout on a sunny day and like you said, one brilliant thing about sunny days is that the inside of the house stays clean for longer!!