Friday, 29 May 2009

So much for me getting into the habit of posting every day. Mind you, it wasn’t my fault - I’ve had a nasty virus on my laptop and couldn’t use it for a few days. But I’m back. Not that I have much to say.

It’s been a quiet week here - spoke too soon, Ellie has just come to me with a really bad nosebleed. Right, crisis averted, where was I? Oh yes, it’s been a quiet week, we haven’t done very much at all. The girls rooms had a bit of a tidy. We didn’t quite get there with them, but they are much better. We’re considering a bit of a radical idea (which almost certainly wont happen knowing us) where all the girls sleep in one room, all the boys sleep in another, then we have a room for the older children’s games etc and a room for the younger ones toys. And the younger children have to stay out of the older ones room.

I really need to have a sort out of the children’s clothes this weekend if possible. I quite enjoy sorting their clothes, getting rid of the stuff that’s in too much of a state to be passed down to the next child, seeing what they have that still fits them. They have far too many clothes though so I’m not going to buy anything unless they actually need it, and if possible make things for them instead of buying. Luckily my children are happy to wear things I make (well, apart from the younger boys who refuse to wear the things I knit for them).

Before I forget I must tell you about my new favourite thing. I love nutella chocolate spread and have treated myself to a jar for those moments when only a spoonful or two of lovely nutty chocolatey-ness will do. Well, Craig made some scones and I decided to try them with nutella instead of jam, with a blob of cream on top. Really really delicious. I highly recommend you try it sometime.

And here’s another confession for you - I love the idea of baking but don’t particularly enjoy the process so Craig and my older children do the baking in our house instead as they do enjoy it (and they even clear up after themselves so it can’t be bad!!) So, no, I’m not one of those Domestic Goddesses who rustle up cakes etc every week.

Does anyone else have children that won’t play outside? I’ve been trying to get my lot outdoors today but within 10 minutes they’re back inside on the computers or Dss. Tomorrow if the weather is nice then I am banning all indoor pursuits until after dinner. They’ve got plenty to do outdoors so they can’t claim to be bored. Anyone got any ideas that I can pass on to them for things to do? Just something to start them off. Hey, who knows, I might even go out there with them! I could go and sit in my Cath Kidston tent and read or something.

Talking of tents - does anyone want an unused 12 person tent? It’s never been out of the bag it came in. I bought it last year to go to Faery Fest but didn’t go in the end as I was so ill with morning sickness and petrol prices were really really high. We’ll never use it, camping just isn’t our thing. Let me know if you’re interested.

Right, that’s it for tonight. Hope you have a good weekend and that the weather is lovely wherever you are.


Claire said...

I would be very interested in a 12 person tent, how much are you wanting for it? Our plans for some camping may well be coming into fruition!

Pippa said...

Sorting out children's clothes is good fun, but I get horribly attatched to them and try to get them to wear stuff that ought to be binned because it has memories. And I hate putting baby clothes up in the attic, it's just too sad. But, I like sorting their clothes out and passing stuff on to the next child down!!

It's funny you saying about tents, I was just thinking about our large tent that is sitting in it's box in the garage - has never been taken out yet, isn't that terrible!! Maybe this year will be THE year of the tent!!

Lucie said...

Claire, would £50 be ok? You can contact me at foreverj2 at aol dot com